Taking Games To Another Level

The girls are finally playing so beautifully together with only minimal tears, screeching  and hair pulling – if it’s early enough in the morning…  It really is the sweetest thing to witness them communicate with one another.  I even got this shot the other day where they hugged each other of their own accord – GASP!

Can you tell Kyla was totally into it and Riya wanted to run away but couldn’t escape?!

One of their favourite things to talk about is their baby brother and “Mommy big tummy”.  They are mostly loving and demand to open up my top as soon as we are home or in a “safe zone” (where I can’t scar people for life by them seeing it) and give “baby boy in Mommy tummy” lots of kisses.  Riya often just blurts out, ”Me luf boy in Mommy tummy” which is awesome, but I’m not so sure she will be singing the same tune when he actually arrives.

Nevertheless, I have digressed from my point.  They love my tummy so much and are so aware of the baby growing in there that they have decided that they have babies in their tummies too.  Kyla is having a girl and Riya is having a boy.  It’s disturbing I know.  But seeing as they don’t know how it got there, I figured it was a harmless thing for them to think until baby arrives and then they would get over it.

Boy was I wrong…

On the weekend, they were playing nicely together in their room – out of sight of us.  Which they have started to do more regularly and because the rooms are safe we let them do it.  Seth thought they had been in there a bit too long and went to double check what was happening and he walked in to find Riya lying on the floor and Kyla being a Doctor and CUTTING OUT THE BABY WITH SCISSORS!  OK, they are only plastic “doctor scissors” from a set that they got for their birthday, but goodness gracious (or as Riya would say – “goodni gray”) it was enough to give us a bit of a heart attack.

“Preggy tummy bump”

So needless to say we have been cutting down on the baby in the tummy scenario and thankfully there are just 31 days until there are no babies in anyone’s tummy anymore.  I know right 31 days!  Maybe I should consider packing my hospital bag…

Oh and if you’re still not doing anything on Saturday morning and you are a Mom to be or you are already holding that bundle in your arms, or even if you are just struggling to catch them (like me) come join us for a bit of a relaxing session!

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