What My Kids Think Of Me

You know we often give ourselves a hard time as Moms.

We constantly tell ourselves that we’re messing up, not doing it right, we could be doing better, you know how it goes.  The reality is that you’re probably doing a pretty great job.

But how do you know though?

Well, I saw this floating around on my friends Facebook statuses and I knew I had to ask my own kids.  Because I thrive on verbal validation.  Thrive.

The answers…  Well they were not quite what I was expecting.  There goes the validation ha ha.

1. What does Mommy always say to you?

  • Kyla: NO!
  • Riya: Go in the car.
  • Knox: Go to school!

2. What makes Mommy happy?

  • Kyla: When we play nicely
  • Riya: I don’t know  (that explains it!)
  • Knox: Uh…  I pack away?

3. What makes Mommy sad?

  • Kyla: If somebody hurts you
  • Riya: *shrugs shoulders* – When I cry at school
  • Knox: When you walk  (I know I’m unfit, but wow)

4. How does Mommy make you laugh?

  • Kyla: When you tickle me!
  • Riya: When you tickle me.
  • Knox: *fake laughs* Ha ha ha

5. What was Mom like as a child?

  • Kyla: A child like us
  • Riya: Like Nana
  • Knox: You was walking and you didn’t play on yoh phone


6. How old am I?

  • Kyla: I don’t know, uh 20?
  • Riya: 28!
  • Knox: 5!

7. How tall am I?

  • Kyla: Big
  • Riya: *Seth says, “As tall as a…”*  Riya shouts, “GIANT!”
  • Knox: Like dis *holds arms up high*

8. What is Moms favourite thing to do?

  • Kyla: Be with us
  • Riya: Um…  Do ballet?
  • Knox: Climb

9. What does Mommy do when you are not here?

  • Kyla: You go somewhere or you go home
  • Riya: Go watch a movie
  • Knox: Go work

10. If Mommy was famous, what would she be famous for?

  • Kyla: Working
  • Riya: To be your friends
  • Knox: Climbing!

11. What is Mommy really good at?

  • Kyla: Looking after us
  • Riya: Working…  No! Swimming!
  • Knox: Putting me on your back, den you fall!

12.  What is Mommy not good at?

  • Kyla: Hopping on one leg.  No! Actually swimming!
  • Riya: Putting a fire on your hand.
  • Knox: Hammer

13. What does Mommy do at work?

  • Kyla: Work
  • Riya: Doing mud.  *so I looked at her incredulously* Yes it is. *the I wrote it down* Does that say mud?
  • Knox: Like dis *pulls the most serious face* on da puter (translation: on the computer)

14. What is Moms favourite food?

  • Kyla: Healthy stuff
  • Riya: Mud, does that say mud? *hits her head* When you eat Knox!
  • Knox: Um nom nom – eggs!!

15. What makes you proud of Mommy?

  • Kyla: Because you so good at playing with me
  • Riya: When we pack away
  • Knox: *Stares at me like what the hell is your deal woman?  I don’t know what you’re talking about*


16. If Mommy was a character on the TV, who would she be?

  • Kyla: Ariel
  • Riya: Dora!
  • Knox: Ironman!

17. What do you and Mommy do together?

  • Kyla: Play
  • Riya: Hug together
  • Knox: Cutting

18. How are you and Mommy the same?

  • Kyla: Our hair is straight, we both have straight hair
  • Riya: From your eyes, colour, same green
  • Knox: *Riya shouts, “A bum!”*  Knox says, “boom boom”

19. How are you and Mommy different?

  • Kyla: Our faces
  • Riya: The face, cos why you have pimples and I don’t have.  (thanks kid)
  • Knox: *No longer interested in talking to me, he picks up his dinosaur and tried to eat my face with it*

20. How do you know that Mommy loves you?

  • Kyla: Because you just love me
  • Riya: Cos why you is my daughter, I mean I your daughter
  • Knox: *More face eating*

21. What does Mom like about Dad?

  • Kyla: Kissing him!
  • Riya: When Daddy takes me somewhere
  • Knox: *Crickets chirping*

22. Where does Mommy love to go?

  • Kyla: The beach
  • Riya: To the Spur
  • Knox: *Still nothing*

23. How old was Mommy when you were born?

  • Kyla: Zero.  No, 20!
  • Riya: 15?
  • Knox: *Runs away shouting, “Yay I fweeeee”


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