Preggy Massage at the Crystal Towers Spa

Being a Mommy is hard work.  It’s even harder when you are already a Mommy and now you are expecting another little addition to the family.  So a few of my friends and I decided to spend the morning at the Crystal Towers Spa, treating ourselves to a girly time out as well as a time to be pampered a bit.

What an amazing place!  I’d always seen it on our way to our local haunt, Canal Walk, but I had never been inside.  The most defining features besides all the colour all over the building, is the pool that juts out the front of the building.  Inside is equally beautiful and just makes you feel like you are really in for a treat.  We travelled up the bright pink lift to first floor which is dedicated to the Spa, where we were given the tour of the place and all its awesome facilities.  The most intriguing of which is the “floatation pool” which mimics the Dead Sea.  Apparently just 30 minutes sleep in this baby is equal to 4 hours sleep in a normal bed/environment!!!!  Yes you heard me!  4 hours!!  They already had me at sleep, never mind super human sleep!

Anyway, we changed into our gowns and slippers, then made our way to the restaurant to wait for our masseuse to collect us.  Kirsty and Zoe had pedi’s while I was treated to the preggy massage by my husband (late Mother’s Day present).  My lovely masseuse collected me and we went into a dark room with a fire place burning (on a TV screen) and a velvet blanket.  She then proceeded to work out all the knots in my back, of which I apparently have many.  The best part was that she didn’t chat, she let me zone in and out of consciousness while enjoying the major relaxation.  Right at the end she placed my warmed up slippers on my feet – so very awesome!

We then chilled in our gowns in the Spa Restaurant for coffee and then headed out to Canala for lunch.  It was such a great time being able to catch up with one another without having to worry about our children.  Thanks Zoe and Kirsty for such an amazing morning!!  And thanks to the Daddy’s who looked after the girls while we had a little time out.

(All pictures are courtesy of the Crystal Towers Website as the pictures I took were with my phone and pretty terrible)

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