Preggyness – Week 8

So first, I have to admit that I still have not taken a photo of the tummy…  Soz…  Maybe next week.  Here’s a pic of the girls instead – they’re so cute they’ll make up for missing out on a fat tummy!  I asked them how they felt about becoming big sisters and this is what they thought…
How are you feeling?
Unfortunately every time I thought it was getting better this week it just got worse.  It’s more of an all day sickness than a morning sickness.  But to be honest I am glad for it, it helps me to know things are on track and baby is developing normally – I start freaking out when I feel normal…  Silly, I know.
Any cravings or weird foodie things?
Besides not really wanting to eat at all and the thought of food making me want to vom, there have been good times this week that I have been able to get a proper meal in.
Are you struggling with anything?
My main struggle this week is to control my crazy emotions, I go from crying like a baby to laughing to being as angry as heck.  Not fun for anyone who has to deal with me.  The main thing is that pushes me over the edge is repetitive noises, especially ones that encroach on my own personal bubble.  Like if the dogs like my leg while I am busy feeding them or when Kyla does this ting where she has to press each and every one of my fingers on the finger tip – before it used to be cute – now it pushes me the wrong way.  Unfortunately.
Tips that you have found useful in this last week?
If you need it, rather take a 5 minute break than submit to the control of these hormones!
Progress on the baby room?
Um, what baby room? – This still stands…  We are probably going to convert the study into the baby room.  But it’s still a bit undecided.
How are the girls dealing with it?
Kyla has shown a bit more interest in the baby this week in that she keeps asking me to “opie up” (open up) my tummy so that she can see the baby…

4 thoughts on “Preggyness – Week 8

  1. they are so funny those kids, the expressions, or lack of, are priceless. love em to bits and mom too of course, and dad, and unc oh and grampa and other papa and ga and ma and Roms….ok. please give ma a hug from me for her birthday. mwah

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