Bring On The Bling – A “Bling” Party At The Park {Party Theme}

I love a good party theme! No really.  I’m kind of party planning obsessed and I have serious party envy when we go to parties.  Despite that it’s been a little while since I last featured a party here.  Mostly because I fall in and out of love with photography and also because I am […]

Party Like A Lady Bug! (Lady Bug Party Theme)

This passed weekend our girls attended Sadie-Mia’s awesome birthday party!  What a special party to celebrate a special little girl turning 1! Besides the cake (which was flipping amazing, I am still in awe of it’s amazingness – defs going to enlist help for the girls party next year!), there were little lady bugs everywhere […]

Kyla and Riya-Ray’s Butterfly Party (Butterfly Party Theme)

As per the previous party post we decided “go big or go home” and because of that there are some big thank you’s before we get down to the beautiful photos! Thank you to my Mom who took 2 days off to help me set-up and bake and everything in between!  (Thank you especially for […]

Themed Photoshoot – Tea Party In The Forest – So Much Fun

It was still dark when we woke up, stumbling around to get everything together that I thought I had so carefully planned out the night before.  We gently woke the kids up, fed them and brushed their teeth before getting the girls into the sweetest little white dresses.  Jerseys were fought, but still pulled on […]

Elijah’s Cars Themed Birthday Party

We had the privilege of attending Elijah’s 2nd birthday party 2 weekends ago (shows you how behind I am on posting).  And despite Elijah having a raging ear infection and other more painful problems that I won’t go into, he seemed to really enjoy the party that his wonder Mom put together at almost 9 […]

Birthday Party Fun – Happy Birthday Leah! (Rainbow Theme Party)

Today is the sweetest little girls birthday, so firstly a very happy birthday to you precious Leah.  Kyla, Riya and the little boy (and their parents) wish you a very happy, healthy and fun year ahead, filled with play dates and parties! We were lucky enough to spend the last public holiday celebrating this special […]

Party Packs – An *Almost* Definitive Guide

If I claimed this to a definitive guide to party packs I’d basically be saying that I’m Martha Stewart.  And we all know that’s about as true as saying Saturday Night Live is as funny as Jimmy Fallon – not even close. Yesterday my daughter got a party pack and after posting a picture of […]

“Kyla And Riya’s Bakery” Party

Despite how hectic planning a party can be, I am kind of sad that the girls party is over. So let’s quickly relive it through pictures, OK? In case you have missed the last couple of posts, we threw the girls a “Vintage Bakery Party” at their request.  I tried to keep the colours to […]

“Brownie In A Bag” Party Packs (Easy Peasy And Inexpensive Too)

Sherbs.  I honestly need a weekend to recover from my weekend. That being said, the party was all sorts of fun and the girls had a fantastic time (which is what really matters at the end of the day).  I’m not quite ready to do a party post quite yet because I am waiting for […]