We Have MOVED – Don’t Get Lost On Your Way To Our New House


I did it.

After umming and ahhhing about it for months (probably years) I finally decided to hike up my big girl panties, have a strong cup of Milo and commit to moving my little blog over to its very own domain.

That’s right, we’ve said goodbye to http://www.alfinos.wordpress.com and said a very big hello to www.3kids2dogsand1oldhouse.co.za (which has now officially become our contraceptive as I’m so not ever doing this again).

Why? Well, I’ve always wanted to do it but always kind of felt like it never warranted the effort, you know underselling myself as I guess we all tend to do. But the more I went along, the more I was pouring my heart and soul into something I knew I was eventually going to move. Plus I was longing for the freedom to be able to mold it the way I wanted to and not just stick to the factory settings.

So there’s no big reveal because everything really is just the same as it always was, except now we have a shiny new link to get you there.

As with any move some changes need to be made and now that I have done the work on my side – you need to do just a few things on your side. If you have been following along on these platforms, please update them so that you keep seeing our new content as and when it pops up.

If you are using a blog reader to catch up on your latest reading (which I would highly recommend) then please update that with the new url (www.3kids2dogsand1oldhouse.co.za). Or find us easily on BLOGLOVIN if that is your reader of choice (it’s mine).

A lot of you have also been getting it straight into your inbox – to keep doing this just pop over to the new site and add your details in the “subscribe” box on the right.

Other that that you can still catch us on the usual Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You’ll definitely want to make sure you don’t miss out on getting the new info – we might just be having a little welcoming party next week (you won’t want to miss it!)

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