All Hung Up

A couple of months ago, Hung Up magazine got in touch with me about doing an article in their next issue.  I naturally assumed that they’d made a mistake.  Why would they possible want to include me?  I’m just a little old Mommy Blogger.  But since I’m not one to shy away from an opportunity I agreed.

I met up with Laverne at their studio in Woodstock and boy was I nervous.  But I needn’t be.  The ladies made me feel right at home.

If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen the selfie showing off my make up that was done for the photo shoot.  There’s just something about having your make up done professionally, especially when you struggle to cover up skin issues like I do.  I felt like a flipping princess.

Move over Kate – I got this.


Although I wanted to paint the town red and show everyone my perfectly made up face, we ended up staying home in the dark (thanks Eskom) and looking after our kids.  But who says parenting can’t be glamorous?

Anyway, the article is live and I am so honoured to have been featured!  Seriously.  It’s not often that I read an article and the more I read, the more I blush, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Laverne was far too kind!

Go and check it out.

Hung Up

Also while you are there, you should check out the article from my fellow Mommy Blogger – Maz Halliday who talks about how her tattoos affect her kids and read up on the smoking hot advice from my fellow beauty bloggers here.

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12 thoughts on “All Hung Up

  1. You looked beautiful! And great, fitting, article about you. I greatly look up to you as a mom and a blogger – even though I feel like I have strayed from my blogging path a bit. I can always read your posts and be reminded about why I started in the forst place and to get my crap together!

  2. Such a awesome article on you Cindy! and you look absolutely amazing! I can barely handle business and one baby and you do so much more with 3! Superwoman

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