My current state: Dreaming about warm socks, warming my hands by the fire, squeezy hugs, cuddling under blankets, a hot bowl of soup with a lekker slice of bread with butter on it, chunky scarves, listening to the rain patter away on the roof, cupping hot cups of Milo in my cold hands, watching movies, building a massive puzzles with the kids on the dining room table.

My real life state:  Sitting with frozen fingers trying to type while wriggling my toes to double check that they haven’t already fallen off.

Doing: I’ve started my second round of Roaccutane as of last night.  Then I proceeded to dream that this time I went full on blind.  Like all I saw was weird blurry light, forever.  So I’m actively trying not to let myself get freaked out and just make sure that I look after myself and love my body while I’m on it.  This means actually using the eye drops and all the rest of it.

Making:  We’re heading towards the girls birthday month at a crazy pace.  I can’t even believe that July is just around the corner.  Starting to plan the decor and things for the party and as usual, I’m so excited and I can’t wait to start creating!  The theme is “rainbows and kites” so there is just so much potential of fun things to do with that.  We may already have half the stuff just lying around our house ha ha.

Trying:  We’ve been trying the gluten free diet for a while now with great success (most of the time).  I lost so much weight that I was down to the lowest weight I had ever been (who even weighs 50kg anyway?!).  BUT then I started slacking.  I stopped running.  I allowed the “occasional” treat that turned into a far more regular treat and now I’m back to feeling gross.  So I’m trying really hard to go back to loving my body and only putting things into it that will benefit it (with the exception of the Roaccutane of course).  Once I get that right I may start running again.  Maybe.

A favourite have been these bunless burgers – seriously so delish!  Salad greens, chopped tomatoes, carrots, string beans, baby corn, fried mushrooms, burgers and cheese all topped off with an egg and sliced salad onions.  SO much yum!


Plotting:  So I bought my own domain.  Finally, right?!  I think it’s time to take my little blog onto it’s very own space.  I will have the freedom to do what I want and not be conformed to the restrictions of free WordPress.  Also no more adverts that I have no control over (sorry about those!).  All of that sounds great.  But the reality is that I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.  Yes I know there are like a bajillion tutorials out there, but I so much prefer human contact on these things where I can ask questions and make sure I know that I know what’s potting.  Any volunteers to help me on my way?

Watching:  Game of Thrones.  I’m hooked – Seth, not so much.  I think he has slept through as many episodes as he’s watched.  Also, when we want a bit of light hearted fun stuff, we’ve started watching The Mindy Project and I think I love it.  Her sense of humour is just great and I can’t help but laugh at the situations that she finds herself in.  And that she says things that most people just want to say but never actually do.  Best.

Laughing at:  I saw this floating around Facebook last night and I had a good giggle.  Obviously Capetonians are proven to feel the cold more than anyone else on Earth – it’s science.  *She types while sitting at her desk with aircon on hot and wearing so many layers she resembles the Michelin man*  You guys – it’s SO cold!

Loving:  Everyone that takes the time to pop over to this space to read what I have to say – you’re the best!  Thank you for bringing us to over 1000 likes on Facebook, I was so overjoyed when we got there that I ate an entire bag of Cheesecurls – that’s what you do to celebrate things too right?

While I’ve got you, I’ve been wondering…  I happily write about things I want to write about all the time, but I was wondering if there’s anything you want me to write about?  Anything that you have wanted to know about the behind the scenes of 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House that I haven’t already blurbed out to you?  Let me know in the comments below.



Like what you’ve read here?  That’s flipping awesome – feel free to share it with your friends.  Also come hang out with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram where you can expect to find a whole lot more of this, just shorter.

5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh I just love your blog the way it is. And your lovely spirit. I was also thinking about a currently post this morning because I have too many things running around in my head to do one proper coherent post.

  2. You just keep writing the stuff that you do – and me? I’ll just keep reading 😉

    If no one else volunteers, Im happy to try help you with the techie stuff, I may not always have the answers but happy to at least try 🙂

    You know where to find me –
    Andrea x

  3. Cindy, I think you must chat to Maz since she did the same thing recently. I started off with a domain right from the start. Actually wait I lie. I was blogging at the fertility blogs and moved things over by using the “export” function on tools. All I can say is backup backup backup and don’t delete the old until you’re sure everything has arrived in one piece. I had all my posts in my email copied which really helped because for some strange reason not all the posts made it over whole. But ask Maz.

  4. Mindy is my favourite and best!! Zain and I are going to marathon GoT when this season is done. Aaaand sending you all the warm vibes. I will gladly help you with the blog, we just need to find the time!!!

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