We All Have That Thing

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling rather sorry for myself recently.  I thought I’d point it out, in case you couldn’t tell by the surplus tears that I have shed and shared on this space.

Now that the tears have dried and I have the box of pills in front of me, I have had a chance to reflect on it all and I’ve come up with this:

We all have that thing.

You know what I’m talking about.

From the outside you might look like you are living your best life – at least your social media presence may allude to that anyway.  And it might even be the truth – you really do have everything that you have ever needed or wanted or longed for.

But then it happens.  Your “thing” rears it’s ugly head.

There are days when you are overwhelmed by it, it engulfs you and it feels like you’ll never break free of it’s clutches.

Sometimes you don’t know when it’s coming, but when it strikes you can’t help but acknowledge it and the emotional roller-coaster that goes with it.

That thing for me, is my skin.

For you it could also be physical – the weight that you just can’t drop, the skin that just won’t clear, losing your sight/hearing/ability.  It could be mental – dealing with depression or other debilitating illnesses, losing your memory.  It could be the emotional hurt of dealing with a disabled child, or not being able to be pregnant, or the loss of a child or parent or loved one.  It could be situational – being retrenched, being single when you really want someone to share your life with, living with your parents when you desperately want to start a life of your own.  Really, the options are endless – I could go on forever.

We all have something that makes our lives a little harder to live sometimes.  It’s SO easy to assume that you are the only one suffering, but I can guarantee you that you are not.  Not even close.

So I guess the lesson I learnt from this is that, not only should we be easier on ourselves (especially when comparing our lives to those of our peers), we should try and be more understanding when dealing with others too.


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11 thoughts on “We All Have That Thing

  1. I enjoyed this honest post friend. It is spot on … we all have ‘that thing’ and it is so frustrating! It is also funny that one looks at others and thinks that they possibly can’t have any troubles or issues because it just looks so perfect from the outside (I know in my head it is not true but sometimes I need some convincing to believe it) worst of it, we compare our lives to theirs… even if we not doing it intentionally we do subconsciously. I try so hard not to do it.. but I do… all the time! As a Christian we called to be content and not focus on things of this world because these things are meaningless in the end … obviously we should enjoy what we do have. But yeah this post spoke to me, that silly thing we all have…grrr so frustrating!! Actually come to think of it, I have lots of “that thing” :/ Praying that this time the treatment works once and for all friend. Here if you need anything 😉

  2. You just say it so well Cindy – walk a mile in the other ones shoes…. For me its that bloody dark dog and then of course Mr L and always just stressing the he is fine and will be fine.

  3. Hands down my best post of yours yet. Cindy you hit the nail on the head babe. Everyone is struggling with something and we need to be kinder to each other and ourselves. again for what it’s worth you skin always looks amazing in pics and I didn’t notice a single blemish the day I met you. I hope for your own confidence and peace of mind that you see the results you are hoping for! One day at a time girl x

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