The First Of Our Awkward Conversations – How Babies Are Born


Sitting around the dinner table last night, the usual banter and chatter turned from trying to pry information from the kids about their day (like getting a stone to bleed right?!), to how babies are born.  Not the typical kind of dinnertime conversation – that’s for sure.

It started innocently enough though – we were telling each of the kids about their time in my tummy.  How we were first told that Kyla was going to be a boy, but then when we went for a second scan they told us that she would be a girl.  Learning that her name would have been Tristan was just the funniest thing for her.

Then we told Riya how we didn’t find out what kind of baby she would be, that we were so excited to have her that we wanted it to be a surprise.  We told her that I was rather sick for the whole time that she was in my tummy so we went to the hospital to have her earlier than she was due.  Then Seth went on to say that she “delivered herself and at one point Daddy actually helped her to be born“.

I stared at him in shock.

He’d said to much.  Gone to far.  Crossed that line.

Let’s just say that up to this point, “having babies” meant going to the hospital and coming out with a baby – pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  The details weren’t relevant to them.

At a push, the furthest I’d gone was to explain how all of the babies that we were getting to know recently, were all babies that were cut out of their Moms tummies (thanks ladies for making that easier for me!).  Which they accepted without question!  Like it ain’t no thing.  Getting your tummy cut open.

We figured we might as well just break it to them then and there, we didn’t want Riya thinking she had somehow cut my tummy open herself.  And Seth told them how they had all been born out of my, uh, lady bits.

Kyla was dumbstruck.  Literally didn’t say anything except for a shocked giggle.  But you can always count on Riya to make any situation dramatic, “We came out your v’gina?!  ALL of us?” with the most grossed out facial expressions you could imagine.

Once the shock had worn off (which was remarkably quickly actually).  I asked if they were still excited to have babies.

Riya replied without hesitating, “Yes, I will have babies.  They must just cut my tummy!”


Thankfully we managed to dodge the one about how babies got there in the first place, but I guess that’s another question for another dinner time conversation.


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9 thoughts on “The First Of Our Awkward Conversations – How Babies Are Born

  1. Whahahahahaha… Tell her Auntie Liz says cutting your tummy hurts way more and fully buggers up your stomach muscles…
    I don’t relish this conversation with my two…

  2. Jacey sake this question about 2 years ago. When she thought babies can out her belly button. I told where they come out and she said “youre joking aren’t you!” I then showed her YouTube videos of babies being born. She loved it. Still sometimes watches them. She now wants to be a baby doctor. X

  3. Well done for not dodging it and telling them as it is… Leah asked similar questions but more of “How did the baby get into your tummy??” Explained that daddy put a seed in mommy’s tummy and like a flower it grew inside until ready to come out (thankfully she didn’t ask how babies come out because her sister was cut out she just assumes that’s the normal way)… She then out of her own said, “Oh so you ate daddy’s seed and that’s how Scarlett got inside your tummy” I must say at that point (holding back laughter) I quickly mumbling said…”well…not quite but when you older I will explain it properly” and then promptly changed the subject LOL 😀

  4. We started having this conversation when I was pregnant with Emmy. For a while Angie accepted that doctors cut open mommies tummies to take babies out. Then, about a year ago, we mentioned that they didn’t always come out that way. And just yesterday, Angie told me in the car, “I want to have babies the normal way. I want them to come out my vagina.” When I told her she didn’t have to worry about that for a long time, she asked, “What must I worry about? People dying?”

  5. Jack also says that about the cutting – well not that he will have babies but that they are cut out. Kiara knows in detail and wants nothing to do with pushing. Cameron doesn’t even want to hear the word boobs. Its the quickest way to get him out of the room – just say boobs!

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