Yo yo yo.  Whaaaasuuuup?

Things have been a bit quiet around here (sort of) and I’m not apologising for it, more just acknowledging that it’s OK not to over share every bit of my life with the people that live on the internet.  Especially because I wasn’t really feeling like myself and who wants to hear about that?  BUT the good news is that I feel like I am slowly starting to come back to myself and I couldn’t be happier!


Listening To:  All the things!  Got a new phone that has enough space to store a decent amount of music and now on a quest to get everything on there that I love listening to.  Currently on a 90s kick and want to get all the jams that I listened to when I was younger, you know, for a bit of nostalgia and all that.

It’s funny though, when I asked for everyones favs on Twitter, everyone replied with music that you would typically have heard on 5FM in the 90s.  Which is great, but I was a Good Hope FM girl back then and can’t for the life of me remember the names of any of the songs except All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo.

Would you indulge me and comment with your favourite tracks from the 90s?  The song that when you hear it, you are suddenly back in your classroom with all 48 of your class mates, watching two of your better looking peers pretend to sing in front of everyone – while all the girls swooned.  (That’s what All My Life does to me anyway).

Doing: I’m trying NOT to do actually.  But despite my attempt to not do I still find myself with a jam packed weekend full of things to do.  Just this weekend I can’t think of one moment where I will be able to just sit and do nothing.

Right now the most important thing that I am doing is desperately trying to get Knox into a preschool in our area for 2017 instead of having to cart him 20 minutes away (more in traffic – there’s always traffic).  It’s one of the main reasons that we moved to the area but evidently it’s why everyone else moved there too!  So hold thumbs that it works out!


Plotting:  Too early to start planning the girls party in July?  Nope.  Apparently not.  Even though I feel overwhelmed with all the things that I have to do, I can’t stop my silly brain from thinking about their party and all the things we’re going to have to do for it.  As much as this kind of thing can stress me out a bit, I can honestly say that I really enjoy doing it.  Crazy isn’t it?

Watching:  We caved and started watching Game Of Thrones.  Now admittedly I have seen far more boobs than I have ever wanted to ever see, like ever ever, but I am enjoying the story.  I mean seriously, it has everything – fight scenes, comedy, interesting era that it is set in, dragons, zombies, magic, romance, twisted plots and the most beautiful wolves.  Oh man, if I could have one of those for my own pet I’d be a happy lady.

Loving:  Thursdays. Why?  Well it’s our date night and the only night in the whole week that Seth and I get to be child free and reckless.  Last week we were so reckless that we moved the blow up mattress into the lounge, ate burgers, drank beer and watched a marathon session of GOT.  Pretty wild and free right?  And who am I kidding, it would be unfair to not tell you that the mattress is now a permanent feature of our lounge – so much more comfortable than our stupid couches.  Tonight we might finally go and see The Avengers, I’m stoked.


Stressing about:  I can’t shake is the constant state of butterflies in my tummy leading up to the #CTMeetUp on Saturday.  Sheeeweeeh, I am excited but cannot get rid of that nervous knot in my tummy.  Speaking in front of lots of people is probably number 2 on my list of things that I’m terrified of.  Hopefully it’ll work out and instead of it being an epic fail (like all the dreams that I seem to be having about it), I will at least be mildly funny, semi organised and presentable.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.









13 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Honey! You are always funny, presentable and a fab organizer. Just breathe and everything will be fine. I can’t believe it’s June next month. JUNE!! How even?? I’m not even going to mention the songs I remember because it might just point out how old I am and no one needs to be remindered of that. You know what? Life’s too short. Do you remember Hazard by Richard Marx? A little off the beaten track but I loved it because it had a story in the song. Also, all the Janet Jackson tracks. Oh my word, what about the lame boy bands (New Kids on the Block, Colour Me Bad). Ok, enough now. Sending you good wishes and strength in bucketloads as you enjoy CTMeetUP on Saturday. I’ll be with you in spirit! xx

  2. Man! I love your date night of blow up mattress in the lounge eating junk and watching series / movies. That’s also one of our very favourite things to do! Especially during winter when you really don’t smaak to go out into the cold. Also did Avengers for our date night last week – at cinema Prestige. Was pretty cool 😊

    And you’re a 90s girl after my own heart! Lol! Waaaay too many to mention, but some that pop into my head right away as all tine faves: That’s the way love goes (Janet Jackson), Always be my Baby (Mariah Carey – pretty much all of her first 3 albums), One Sweet Day (Boys II Men – all of their first 3 albums), Dont Let Go (En Vogue), You Put a Move on My Heart (Tamia – pretty much her entire debut album), When I see You Smile (Uncle Sam), Wannabe & Stop (Spice Girls), Broken Hearted, The Boy is Mine, Have You Ever & Almost Doesnt Count (Brandy), Toni Braxton’s entire first two albums, Ultimate Aaliyah – Greatest Hits album, I Swear, So Much in Love & I Can Love You Like That (All 4 One), Kiss from a Rose (Seal), Don’t Speak (No Doubt), Babyface stuff, Take a Bow (Madonna), and finally anything Backstreet Boys!
    Actually, I just looooove 90s pop and RnB! And as you can see, my list can go on for daaaays! Lol! Hope this is 90s GoodHope enough for you 😉

  3. Cindy, stop it! Every time you organise a blogger meet up, it’s amazing! And tomorrow is going to be awesome!

  4. Your date night sounds amazing! We’re a young family too, both hubby and I (high school sweethearts) are 26 with 2 little boys and demanding careers. I so wish I could make date night a priority, but how? Does someone look after your kiddies every Thursday or do you have your date night at home once they’ve gone to bed?

    • We are very blessed to have Seth parents to look after our kids for us, so we are able to go out. But going out is getting expensive, so now we are trying to do more home dates. Putting kids to sleep, opening a bottle of wine, making tapas or a fun meal. Watching a movie or just trying to connect. So far it’s worked pretty well.

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