Who You Will Be Rubbing Shoulders With At The #CTMeetUp


Oh hello there!

It’s ALMOST time for the #CTMeetUp and I know what you’re thinking.  How the heck did it roll around so fast?!  I couldn’t agree more.  Instead of leaving you completely in the dark, I thought I would quickly pop my head out of the sand and fill you in on a couple of deets, like you know, things that you want to know, you know?!

So you’ve booked your ticket and in between nervously deciding what the hell to wear and wondering what could be hiding in the goody bags, you’re dying to know who you will be hanging out with this Saturday at the #CTMeetUp.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to everyone you’ll be rubbing shoulders with over good food and drinks, and of course, great talks by Melissa from Zana, Jenny from Zomato and Ronel from Rain.

In no particular order:

Mariza from Caffeine And Fairydust  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Hayley from Haley’s Joys  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Heather from Acidicice  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Lindsay from What Happened To My Body  –  Twitter  ~   Instagram

Zayaan from Surviving The Madness  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Tracey from The Milk Memoirs  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Nikki from Nikki and Nicholas  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Leigh from Red Lips and Darling Adventures  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Cupcake from Cupcake Mummy and Fysh  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Se7en from Se7en  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Liezel from Elle Kay – Living With Boys  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Cassan from Cass Lee  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Faz from Chasing Dreams  –   Instagram

Sally-Jane from Pink Hair Girl  –  Twitter    ~   Instagram

Karen from Miri Moo  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Fi from Pout Perfection  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Deborah from Pure Sweet Joy  –    Facebook   ~   Instagram

Christine from Flat White Concepts  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Amy from Tea With Mrs Bee  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Michelle from This Mother Thing  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Aneeqah from From My Fingertips  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Cara from Cara Fay  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Talana from Tea With Miss B  –   Instagram

Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Taryn from Coffee Couture  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Leigh Waterhouse  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Robyn from Curious Robyn  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Natalie from African Dream  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Liezel from Baked In The Cape  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook

Mandy from Pregnant In Cape Town & Ever After  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Cassey from Bits and Pieces  –  Twitter

Kathryn from Becoming You  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Dom from My Bread and Almond Butter  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Karen from Kambabe  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Heather from Femme Lifestyle  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Meg from Mind The Curves  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Kim from Overcoming Mom  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook

Fathima from Decadently Addicted and Blog Addict  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook

Lee-Ann from Girl About Town PR  –  Twitter  ~   Instagram

Leigh from The Mom Diaries  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Melanie from Meraki Lifestyle Blog  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Caroline from Admarula  –  Twitter

Suzanne from Admarula  –  Twitter

Tahlia from Toomuchloveliness  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Beatrice from Mademoiselle Nomad  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Nikki from Love, Kids and Other Things  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Monique from Oh Just A Mo  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook

And of course if you’re reading this it probably means that you regularly pay a visit to 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House – so thank you!  But if this is the first time you’re here, you’re welcome to show some love to our platforms as well:

Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

16 thoughts on “Who You Will Be Rubbing Shoulders With At The #CTMeetUp

  1. What an epic list of lovely ladies. So looking forward to the event. Well done Cindy on all your organization… and this post!! So many links! 😉

  2. I picked a great day to be off sick… going through the links one by one and catching up on some well deserved blog reading. I am so excited to meet everyone I have not yet. I am sorry if I talk too much – I do that when I am nervous! Just apologizing in advance 😉

  3. Dear Cindy

    Awesome. Thank you so much for the list. I was just sitting at my office wondering how I could get a sneak peak at the guest list so I have an idea of who will be there.

    Being my first time and terrified of walking into a crowded room filled with faces I’ve never seen before you can imagine how daunted I’ve been feeling about Saturday.

    You’ve done an awesome job with this event. I’m really looking forward to attending my first event and meeting all these new lovely ladies (including you).

    Here’s to my first and hopefully many more in the future.

  4. This is very exciting for me as I’ve been DYING to meet other bloggers in and around Cape Town, so this is the perfect opportunity and looking at the list, I already follow some of your blogs and Twitter and some I’ve met online but not yet in person. AAAAH, is it Saturday already??? 🙂 (I can be quite theatrical…don’t mind me).

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