That Time We Went To Gelukkie In Paternoster WITHOUT Our Kids

Oh my goodness.

You know when you enter a competition and then forget about it because the chance that YOU would be chosen is like the one time you tried not to cry when you stubbed your toe – basically impossible.  But then suddenly everyone is congratulating you on social media and you have to restrain yourself from making a heartfelt acceptance speech that even Kanye wouldn’t interrupt.

Well that happened to me.

Once I’d calmed down I immediately got in touch.  Obviously we made the booking at Gelukkie as soon as we possibly could and it just so happened that the soonest that we could do it was the Tuesday to Thursday following the Easter weekend.  I actually couldn’t have planned it any better because spending a whole long weekend together is lots of fun, but I’ve never been so ready to drop my kids off and run away.

We had a few hiccups in getting there, like taking too long to pack and leave the house and then having to drop Seths phone off at Samsung after he dropped and cracked the screen.  But eventually we were on our way, singing along to Sam Smith.

After driving for about 2 hours we arrived at Gelukkie and I was actually just blown away.  We stayed in Klein Gelukkie and it was just perfect.  With a fully equipped kitchen, lounge area, fireplace and an interior that I would love to replicate in my own home, we were in the perfect place to relax.







(They also have the most beautiful wedding venue that I totally forget to take pictures of.)

We spent the next day eating and drinking and relaxing and basically doing so much nothing that for a moment or two we were actually bored.  I didn’t think that was even possible any more.  We were so relaxed and carefree we even took a MIDDAY NAP!  What even is that?  Also we left the doors open (by accident) and when we woke up, all our stuff was still there!  (Sad that we live in fear like that sometimes, but good to know that in Paternoster you don’t have to).

All in all we had a really lovely stay.  Paternoster is definitely an awesome place for a holiday.  There are no malls to lure you in, there’s no busyness and traffic.  You are forced to relax which is what we often need in this day and age that we live in where we just don’t stop.

We can’t wait to go back!  (Maybe we’ll even take the kids next time.)













Our aim was to really try and experience everything that Paternoster had to offer us.  And I know talking about exactly where we went is rather boring, so I saved it for the end of the post.  No need to read it unless you’re planning a trip to Paternoster (which you should be).

Our first night we had supper at Skatkis restaurant where we had the weirdest dessert ever – “melkkos”.  It’s basically milky oats.  To weird.  Any way.  The next morning we set out early for breakfast only to find that everyone was still asleep.  It was remarkable actually.  We were out looking for coffee at 8am but there was only one place open to serve it.  So we stopped for a quick cuppa at Abalone House, the home of a Reubens Restaurant.  After coffee we hit up Blikkies for a breakfast pizza and more coffee (of course).  We really wanted to go to Gaaitjie on the recommendation of many people, but they were closed for the whole time that we were there, so we settled on Voorstrandt for lunch and then a walk on the beach.  After getting ready for a “night on the Town” we popped into The Noisy Oyster for drinks and a starter.  Oh man I so regretted not having booked there for dinner – it looked awesome!  Then we headed to Reubens for dinner which was so yummy, the chocolate tart at the end still makes me drool.  I can’t wait to put this food journey onto Zomato.

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4 thoughts on “That Time We Went To Gelukkie In Paternoster WITHOUT Our Kids

  1. Holy crap! I am completely green… a nap?! What is that? 😉 It looks like you guys had an amazing time. Love your pics xx

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