My Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s the time of the year where we sit down and try and wrack our brains for ideas of what to buy for the women in our lives that have nurtured us, cared for us, loved us and taught us how to do this life thing.

Last year I did a little poll with a bunch of real life Moms that I know on Twitter and although the general consensus was that most Moms would appreciate some time out to themselves, there are still Moms out there who would prefer a little gift.  We struggle every year with what to get and so I thought I’d put together a small list of things that I love that you could buy for the Mom in your life.

* To be clear, none of this is sponsored, I’d actually really like to get any one of these things.


  1.  Zana has recently introduced the “Spots” and “Electric” prints to their Tableware collection.  I adore them.  In particular the specks and spots table place mats would be perfect for any dinner party.
  2. Recently I was given the Rimmil Provocalips and it worked so well I know quite a few women who have been dying to get their hands on their own.  Go get one for the Mom in your life and save her the hassle of trying to find it herself.
  3. There is nothing like seeing your pictures in print, so if the Mom in your life is into Instagram then a Nifty 250 gift voucher is exactly what you need to get for her.  This is so high up on my want list it’s not funny!
  4. Maybe your Mom has green fingers – then this gorgeous orchid is perfect.  If, like me, they have a rather black thumb, there are many other succulent varieties that can withstand pretty much everything.  You can get this orchid from Woolworths. While you’re there might as well pick up a gift voucher too 😉
  5. I’ve become a sucker for jewellery and these arrows are no exception.  This and so many more jewellery options at Kin Shop.
  6. You can never have too many bags.  Especially when you see the gorgeous ones from Zana, made with genuine leather.  It was so hard to choose a favourite to feature.
  7. I’m obsessed with this blog and having the book is on my bucket list of life achievements.  Have yet to find a place that sells it in SA though, but you can get it on Amazon.
  8. I’m a Taylor fan.  And maybe the Mom in your life isn’t but she’d appreciate a new CD to blast on repeat in the car when she’s merrily driving away from the school drop off.  It’s available at pretty much any music store ever.

Happy shopping!


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