50 Things That Make Me Happy

This morning when I came into work I found out that someone had been HIJACKED AT GUN POINT in the secure, off street parkade that I park in every single day.  On the very floor that I park on.  Not only was he hijacked at gun point, but he was then “kidnapped” and taken in the car all the way to Malmesbury (from Town).  Needless to say everyone in the office is a bit shaken and even more so the poor man that had to go through all of this.

So instead of letting the bad stuff takeover all of my thoughts for the rest of the day, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on what makes me happy.  Specifically 50 things that make me happy.  So here goes.

In no specific order.

  1. Unexpected surprises.  I guess that’s what a surprise is, but I love having absolutely NO prior knowledge to its happening.  Not even an inkling.
  2. Reading something funny that makes me belly laugh until I feel a 6 pack starting.  Like this first date story. Best ever!
  3. Waking up in the morning and realising that it’s Saturday and we have no where to be, then going back into a deep, delicious sleep.
  4. Waking up the smell of coffee and bacon wafting through the bedroom.
  5. Looking at old pictures of my kids and marveling at how much they’ve grown.
  6. Eating the little Nik Naks at the bottom of the packet.  If they sold just that in a packet I’d totes buy it all the time – they can call it Nik Nakatjies – pleasure Nik Naks marketers, it’s a pleasure.
  7. Attending weddings – getting dressed up, eating yummy food, getting lost in celebrating love and the couple. Love it.
  8. Going to a new restaurant and being blown away by the food (even better if it’s well priced).
  9. Committing to buy something and then as you’re about to pay you find out that it’s on sale!  (Is there anything better?!)
  10. Watching my children sleep.
  11. Finding a new series that we can’t get enough of and then watching it in marathon sessions with lots of snacks.
  12. Drinking a really good Shiraz.
  13. Planning and going on kid free holidays. So much time to do as much nothing as possible!
  14. Spending time away but then coming home to my kids and breathing them in a little bit deeper and appreciating them a bit more.
  15. Seeing my photographs in print and holding them in my hands.  I forgot how awesome this is.
  16. Going on family holidays and making memories as a family unit.
  17. Pizza that has lots of melty cheesy goodness, like where you bite it and it trails cheese.  Mmmmm.
  18. Having the kids say things that don’t makes sense or it’s got a seriously confused meaning.  I have to stifle the giggle but it makes my heart pop.
  19. Sitting down to write a blog post and the words flow and it’s funny and there’s not a bit of writers block in sight.
  20. Going out for a girls night and just chatting the night away about anything and everything.
  21. The first cup of Milo from a brand new tin.
  22. Perfectly fitted jeans.  Basically impossible to find, but when you do it’s like a little bit of magic.
  23. Chatting with a girlfriend about hard things and feeling liberated afterwards.
  24. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  25. Good hair days.
  26. Sitting and planning the future with Seth.  All the wild and wacky plans that we’ll probably never do, but it’s exciting to talk about anyway.
  27. Reading the comments on the blog – even though I don’t always reply to them, each one really makes me happy.
  28. Having unexpectedly deep conversations with the kids.  Where they actually listen and we have a proper chat.
  29. Not killing plants and seeing them flower.
  30. Being appreciated for work/time/effort that I put into something.
  31. Taking a really good photograph.
  32. That people still come back to read what I have to say on this space.  I have no idea why you do, but I can’t thank you enough!
  33. Acting out a story for the kids (complete with over dramatic reactions and funny voices) and watching them get totally engrossed in it.
  34. Giving things away.  Recently cleared out my cupboard and just gave everything away. BEST feeling.
  35. Organising all types of events including birthday parties and meet ups.  It may stress me out but seeing it all come together is so worth it.
  36. Listening to the kids playing nicely together and hearing them have the funniest little conversations.
  37. Long, leisurely family lunches with our parents and siblings.  I may not say it a lot but I really cherish time spent with all of them.
  38. Looking at photographs that speak to me.  As much as I love words, there’s nothing quite like a picture that speaks louder than words ever could.
  39. Unexpected romantic or funny messages from Seth.
  40. Reading old blog posts and still finding myself funny.  You have to be able to laugh at and with yourself right?!
  41. Buying things.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  I love buying clothes, presents, food, anything really.
  42. Watching a really good movie that I keep thinking about months later.  Just watched Moms Night Out and it hit me right in the feels, after I ugly cried I felt so much lighter and happier with where I’m at.
  43. Salticrax with cheese and a cup of tea after a long day.  Flip, drooling just thinking about it.
  44. Colouring in with the kids.
  45. Giving someone a genuine fright and watching their reaction.  I can’t stop the giggling afterwards.  A bit cruel I know, but Knox gets the best frights.  Seth too, not that I often catch him anymore.
  46. Getting emails that involve new opportunities for the blog, like launches, giveaways (did I mention I love giving stuff away!) and that kind of thing.  I doesn’t happen often so when it does I can’t help but feel quite chuffed that the hard work is being noticed.
  48. Recycling.  I really enjoy popping something into the recycling box and knowing that it’s not just going to keep destroying the planet.
  49. Having a husband that is not only a great partner to do life with, but also a father that is really involved in the lives of our kids.
  50. All three of our kids.  The World just wouldn’t be the same without them.  They may drive me crazy sometimes but more often they are making me so very happy!
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14 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. There has been such a huge increase in crime the past few weeks, it’s really getting me down. I don’t even want to take Fysh to the park anymore as there was trouble at ours recently. I might borrow this idea. I need a happy post. Not sure I can come up with 50 things though.
    Stay safe. See you soon.

  2. Oh gosh,, poor man! I love posts like this – and all the happy . And although I agree on many many of them the one I possibly agree with most is printing photos. Why did I not do more of that years ago?

  3. Great post as always 🙂 I’m with you on the Nik Nakatjies, would so buy those. What would make it even better would be if they put it in a bottle coz I’ve taken to what the hubster refere to as drinking Nik Naks.

  4. I’m so sorry about this crime incident – it is too terrible! Please stay safe…
    Hats off to you for such a happy and positive post after that – it is truly inspiring and I love to see this in our country!

  5. I am grateful you put out a list of things that make you happy. Especially now, when we are being overwhelmed by unrest and crime.

  6. Well done you for choosing not to revel in fear and uncertainty, but to rather count your blessings. It is so easy to get caught in negativity. I still work on that every day.

  7. Crime is one thing when you hear it on the news but when it happens in your little bubble it suddenly becomes very real 😦

    Well done for finding 50 happy things!!!

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