Let’s Talk About Managing A Woman’s Expectations – Guys This Ones For You.


Although it doesn’t seem like it, this is a very dangerous little word.  Especially when it comes to women.

Case in point – The Oxford Dictionary definition of the word expectation.


This had to have been written by a man right?  “Her expectations were unrealistic“.  I wonder if his body was tense with expectation because he was realising that he hadn’t met her “unrealistic” expectations and she was about to lose her cool.  I rest my case.

In any event, we are here to talk about how you don’t have to get all tense with the expectation that she is about to go crazy on your ass.  There are a few simple ways to manage this little problem.

It’s actually quite easy.  As women we have expectations.  Whether we want them or not, whether you think they are unrealistic or not, we can’t escape these thoughts that pop into our head and won’t go away.  While we may have these expectations for a multitude of random reasons every day, there are just a few that you need to really pay attention to.

Out of the 365 days of the year, there are just THREE days that you have to really be proactive about managing your womans expectations.  That’s not even a full percentage point – so no big deal right?  WRONG, because even that seems difficult for some men.  So let me lay it out for you.

The three days that you need to prepare for are:


Despite the fact that many woman don’t want to grow older and acknowledge the latest age grouping they find themselves in (not to mention the wrinkles and wobbly bits), that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to acknowledge the day altogether.  Unless she’s specifically said so.  In which case you should ignore her and continue with meeting the expectations that she has in her head.  We’re generally complicated like that.


As in the day that you started dating or your wedding day or the day your first kissed or any day that you guys consider to be a pretty important day in your lives together.  And by you guys, I mean her.  This day is basically loaded with expectation.  Loaded.  Don’t underestimate it.  If you do she’ll logically think that you no longer love her and your relationship is basically on the verge of imminent collapse.  Obviously.  (If she happens to consider all of these days important, then well, sorry for you, time to step up your game.)


Now we could go into detail here about how she carried YOUR baby for a full 9 months in her now birth ravaged body and then subsequently became a human cow/bottle making robot for who knows how long.  We obviously won’t even mention the sleepless nights, endless cleaning, insurmountable washing and everything that goes into raising your children.  If you’re lucky enough to have more than one kid then multiply this accordingly.

(Don’t worry, we know that most of you do your bit too – but like, we’ll show you that on Fathers Day – just chill.  Also, in some case study scenarios we’ve noticed that seeing as Mothers Day is first, your Fathers Day present may well be directly related to how well you perform on Mothers Day – just saying).

* So I’m a minimalist and these three days are the only ones that matter to me, however your woman could also include Valentines Day, No Housework Day, Tiara Day, Eat What You Want Day or Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day to name but a few.

Now that we’ve identified the days, let’s look at how you can meet the expectations that are swirling around in her head – needing to be met even though they are probably never actually said out loud to your attentive ears.

You’re probably expecting a massive list that includes expensive purchases, extravagant trips and jealousy inducing things to share on every social media platform available.  Maybe for some woman that works for them, but I’ve done a little survey and it’s actually far easier than that.

All it takes is making that specific day stand out from every other normal day of your lives together.

Yip.  That’s it.

So that could mean letting her sleep in or making breakfast for her to eat in bed, it could be running her a candlelight bath to enjoy with a glass of wine, it could be stalking a few of her wishlists on Spree, Superbalist or wherever (maybe she’s a blogger and makes it even easier by actually making you a list), it could be organising a baby sitter for the afternoon and packing a picnic on the beach, it could be making all the food for the day, it could be just about anything really.  As long as it’s not something that you usually do.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now go forth and kick those expectations in the butthole.


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