Bring Out The Bronze and Pottery – We’re Celebrating 8 Years Of Marriage

Do you know how hard it is to find a bronze or pottery inspired gift for a MAN that doesn’t cost you two months worth of groceries?!  I’ll tell you.  It’s flipping hard.

But a silly gift isn’t what actually matters here.

What actually matters is that for the last 8 years Seth and I have been committed to loving each other every single day.  Even when I’ve forgotten to do the washing and he doesn’t have any clean undies.  Even when he leaves his cupboard doors open AGAIN.  Even when our tempers are flaring for no good reason, but we fight about it in the most passive-aggressive way possible anyway.

Marriage is definitely not all shiny happy moments.  It’s not characterised by the wedding day, the birthdays of the children, the exciting holidays, the super impressive social media worthy moments.  Nuh uh.  Those are easy.  Who can be unhappy with their spouse during times like those?

To me making a marriage work means celebrating those shiny happy moments, but also being there for each other when it’s all raw and emotional.  Where hard decisions lead to hard consequences, where you’ve had another bad night with the children and every word said has a double meaning (and you mean the bad option).  Obviously those situations arise – it wouldn’t be real life without them.  It would also be exceptionally boring wouldn’t it?!

The trick is being able to apologise for being a completely irrational crazy woman or for him to apologise when he was moody and unreasonable.

That’s what makes a marriage.

So Seth, as we stand here on the brink of celebrating our 8 year anniversary tomorrow, I want you to know that I freaking love you man.  You’re my favourite husband and sharing these last 8 years with you* has been so great.  I’m so enjoying growing “older” with you and I look forward to getting old and wrinkly together – slowly turning into one of those lovely older couples that sit in our rocking chairs on the porch, struggling to hear each other and falling asleep with our mouths open.

Aren’t you excited?!

* (almost 12 if your count the time we were dating)

Let’s take a little trip back in time before we celebrate tomorrow:










19 thoughts on “Bring Out The Bronze and Pottery – We’re Celebrating 8 Years Of Marriage

  1. Happy Anniversary ! May the years ahead only increase your love for one another 💖….on another note, you look exactly the same !

  2. Cindy what a beautiful piece , happy anniversary , may God bless you both many of years of happiness and a lifetime filled with love . Looking through your daily pics I can see the love the two of you have for each other ,thank you for sharing this .

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