I Stopped My Kids Daytime Naps For MY Own Sanity


Does that sound a bit selfish?


Or even worse, maybe it sounds counter productive because, hello?!  This is when you get a chance to have that hot cup of coffee or check a few emails in between the demands of the little king/queen of your household.  It could be that this is when you refill your sanity cup.

Not me though.

Here are a few things I know:

  1. My children hate sleep.  It often makes me question whether they really are my children at all – if it wasn’t for the fact that I watched all three of them being pushed out of my body and that they have my inherent stubbornness, I’d probably do some tests just to make sure.
  2. From the age of a year and a half (or 18 months for those still talking in the month bracket) sleeping even for just 30 minutes during the day would result in them only going to sleep at around 10pm.  Yes, you did read that correctly. 10pm.
  3. The hours between 8 and 10pm are sacred hours.  If I don’t get that time to decompress and take a break then I am not a very good Mom.  Or Wife.  Actually, I turn into a pretty rubbish person on all fronts.
  4. I don’t want to be a rubbish person.

If you’ve been stopping by here regularly, I would hope that the love that I have for my children would be pretty evident through all of the words I have written.  So let’s just agree that this is not in question here when I tell you that I have considered cutting off my own ears/piercing my own eyeballs/running the heck away when anyone of my kids have strayed into the past 8pm time slot.

If it was all snuggles and whisperings of I love you’s then maybe I’d more inclined to be there.  But we all know that only happens in the movies.

Having actually been there, you’ll know it’s along the lines of them shouting “I need more water“, “I don’t want to sleep“, “I’m too hot, now I’m too cold“, “But where did babies come from?”, “Why are you doing this to me? I’m not tired“, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and you shouting, “I said get back into bed“, “Shh!“, “Stop talking“, “I’m warning you, I said stop talking”, “Just talk one more time and you can put yourself to sleep“, “I double dare you to say one more thing” (this is combined with the sternest look you could possibly muster that actually looks flipping terrifying because it’s not even an act), “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!’

When we decided to cut the day time sleep everyone was astounded.  They couldn’t believe that our kids didn’t sleep in the day and in turn I couldn’t believe that theirs did.  In fact I was jealous.

But it just didn’t work for us.  And that’s OK.  Because we haven’t all produced Gina Ford children*.

*That’s not a dig at parents who have used the Gina Ford method, it’s just an acknowledgment that we aren’t all the same.

A friend recently mentioned to me that they had just cut their daughters sleeps and that she was feeling rather bad about it.  So I just wanted to say, to those Moms out there that are keeping their kids awake during the day and having a harder than usual “suicide hour”, to the Moms that need to do this to keep their sanity, I see you.

And it’s OK – I’ve got your back.

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8 thoughts on “I Stopped My Kids Daytime Naps For MY Own Sanity

  1. oh like u say ever parent must do what works for them, i think i would gouge my eyes out if my daughter went to bed at 10 pm cause she had a nap during the day, so even if u have to feed them coffee to keep them awake during the day do it ( no just kidding no coffee 😉 ) but do what u need to

  2. Oh my word, I may be reading my own blog here. Feel so good knowing I am not the only one whose child goes to bed after 9pm if she has an afternoon nap! Thank you Cindy for this!

  3. The delayed bed time has been the bench mark for the dropping of naps with both my kids. Ava dropped her naps at around 2 years old, Hannah is still napping but I’m getting a clue that she’s also going to drop it soon!

  4. I used the effort to go to sleep as an indicator of when to drop the naps too. I think it just makes sense – it shows you when they need it or not. Although my 10 year old now sometimes naps over weekends but I think it boils down to grade 4 work and a bit of stress and a busy extra mural programme

  5. When Elijah dropped his day time nap by us when he was around 2, I wanted to go nuts. He just flat out refused to sleep. Gabby loves an afternoon nap and I’m grateful for that because it means as I nurse her to sleep I might have a nap too! (UNHEARD of with Elijah). Do whatever works for you and your family. Live and let live!

  6. Agreed! Can’t remember when Leah dropped her naps.. probably around the same time 18/24 months. Scarlett just gone down to one midday nap 😀 and she is sleeping SO much better at night! Method in the madness my friend 😉 xx

  7. We had this chat and debate last night with a group of moms – a few have dropped the day sleep and now have an earlier bedtime (6pm) which they are finding heaven on earth! I’m in two minds – SJ is still sleep 2-3 hours a day but she goes to sleep easily at 7pm again. If she doesn’t have that day nap, she doesn’t go down any earlier, she is just grumpier? Might reassess after her 3rd birthday… x

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