7 Things Guaranteed To Get You Hotter Than 50 Shades Of Grey

I don’t see any shades of grey here.  I just see one shade of “No thank you”.

If, like me, just the mention of 50 Shades of Grey has you rolling your eyes back so far that they almost fall out your mouth, then look no further.  I have put together a list of things that are guaranteed to spice up your life much more than wasting a couple hours in the cinema.

7 Things Guaranteed To Get You Hotter Than 50 Shades Of Grey…

This fireplace


This cup of coffee


This chilli


These sweaters


This workout


This desert



You’re welcome…

hot under the collar



I’m making light of a topic that I actually don’t want to debate.

7 thoughts on “7 Things Guaranteed To Get You Hotter Than 50 Shades Of Grey

  1. I don’t get the hype about 50 shades either! But clearly there were a lot of disappointed people who expected more from the movie. Your suggestions however are good enough to heat up any poor soul who’s fires were put out by that apparent anti climax in the cinema. Your posts always make me laugh… i love the humor and underlying sarcasm. makes my day.

  2. You gave me a good laugh. My husband actually wrote out a FB status that didn’t post in the end about how he’d rather watch 50 different kinds of sport over the weekend than 50 shades of bruises!

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