I think that this is the first time that I am reverting to a Currently post because I feel like it and not because I feel overwhelmed with life.  I feel like I should add a “Hell Yeah” here because I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel like I was slowly drowning in things that need to get done – personal admin can be such a pain.

Anyway, there is something so nice with just wrapping life up into one post that really appeals to me.

The kids:  I always knew there would come a time where the kids diaries would start to dictate my own.  Without a doubt I can say that this time has come.  If it’s not carting them to ballet (now on two different days as Kyla gets to go to the studio with all the other Grade 1 girls – so much excitement as she gets to see her bestie that is no longer at school with her) then it’s making sure that they all get their vaccinations (I may have missed a few unintentionally) or it’s going to play dates or birthday parties or making sure that we actually spend time together as a family too.  And to think we keep joking about adding another one to the mix?!

We also happened to leave the house yesterday without the baby bag.  Not too much of a problem except that we stayed out the whole day, and when it came to eating supper outside we realised that we had no jerseys or warm clothing with us.  Thank goodness for the car wardrobe, so although they were questionably matched, they were warm… ish…


Feeling Thankful For:  My husband.  I think I may answer the same way every time?  Either way it needs to be said.  But this time for a different reason.  I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have been genuinely surprised and last Thursday was one of them.  We had our usual date night and after we had finished eating, he suddenly whipped out a little box and surprised me with a ring that I had been coveting on Superbalist for months.  Months.  I was so shocked I’m pretty sure the waitors were laughing because I couldn’t stop grinning and thanking him.



I think I prefer the stacked look with all the other rings like the last image – what do you think?

Making:  Not much of anything actually.  Last week was a blur of take out and awkward timings.  This week I am upping my game and making sure that we all eat well.  I can feel the difference in my body after filling it with a weeks worth of burgers and pizza with little to no fresh fruit/veg, besides mentally feeling fat I also feel sluggish and lazy.  But no more – not this week!  Too much to do.

Anticipating:  One of my best friends is leaving on a jet plane on Thursday.  It’s all very official and after chatting it over with the kids and telling them that they will be 8, 7 and 5 when they see them again it all suddenly got very real.  That’s 3 years of missing out on each others lives.  (I’ve never been so grateful for social media.)  It’s funny though, we are both quite unemotional people, but I suspect that there will be a number of tears at the airport.

Watching:  We started watching 12 Monkeys because we ran out of episodes of Vikings.  I’m not sure how I feel about it but we’re still watching anyway.  Have you watched it? What do you think?  I think the main guy is supposed to be all “badass” but he’s just bad.

Crazy moment from the weekend:  So on Saturday morning Seth thought it would be cool for us all to go to gym.  While he took the kids in to swim, I would sit in a coffee shop and write posts (pretty sweet deal).  When the kids were finished swimming I went up to fetch them so he could shower.  Instead of trying to wrangle all of them down the stairs (with about 10 bags hanging off my shoulders) I thought the smart thing would be to take the lift.

When we got in there was a Dad in there with a little boy that must have been about 3.  Anyway, they were in there riding up and down and having fun.  We all jumped in but stood quite close to the doors.  As they opened at the bottom Knox put his hand out to touch it – I assumed the door would slide past his fingers…  I assumed wrong.

Instead his hand stuck to the door and then processed to go INTO the side panel thing that the doors retreat into and then got squished in there.  We all freaked the heck out.  Finally after much screaming (mostly from Knox), the lovely man helped me pull out his hand before rushing over to Vida to get some ice.  All in all it was OK – his hand isn’t even bruised, but my shattered nerves.  All the calm and relaxation that I managed to gain over writing and coffee was obliterated by a lift door.

But milkshakes make it all better.  Thank the stars for milkshakes.



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