I'd Choose To Do Life With You Again and Again


Today you turn 30.

I know it seems like a big one because people usually make a big deal about it, I guess it’s supposed to be this marker in life where you are expected to have “made something of yourself”.  For us, or well you specifically, it might well be the opposite.

We started our lives together earlier than most, we worked hard while planning a wedding and then threw three kids into the mix – and we’ve been treading water like this ever since.  Technically we checked many of the “made yourself” boxes before you even hit your mid twenties.  If you had to compare with most people out there, it might be said that we “started to young” and missed out on the fun, carefree life that not having to be responsible can bring.

But do you know what I love about you?  Among many other things, is the fact that you don’t compare.  You don’t care what could of been because you love what is.  I love that you wouldn’t want it any other way (I know this because I might have asked you about 50 times already) – you make me feel secure and loved and I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

I want you to know that I wouldn’t want to do life any other way either.  It would always be you.  Again and again.

Happy 30th birthday Old Man.




0 thoughts on “I'd Choose To Do Life With You Again and Again

  1. One of the most endearing Happy Birthday post ever! Love “You don’t care what could of been because you love what is.” such a powerful statement! Happy birthday to your one and only.

  2. Thank you my beautiful wife! You got it right there, I wouldn’t do anything differently! Always you again and again! Thanks everyone for the wishes!

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