Log Out. Shut Down. Do Yoga

Looking after myself has never really been a priority.

I can’t even blame it on having kids, because if I’m honest, I was lazy before I had them too.

Now maybe having three kids to run around after does make me less able to be lazy (just try thinking that your kids are fine and wouldn’t notice you sitting down with the cup of hot coffee – THEY WILL FIND YOU!), but it just preempts the laziness, only allowing it to happen when they are asleep.

I should probably make it clear that this is one of the best times of my day.  You know, when they are in bed and sleeping.

Not because I didn’t love the heck out of them and pried out every bit of information about their day and played Uno till my fingers bled and relished all the kisses, hugs and cuddles that I could get, but because it’s non stop.  Non flipping stop.  From the moment we wake up there is always things to prepare, somewhere to be and something to forget/be late for/worry about.  We thrive in the chaos, but I’d by lying if I told you that I wasn’t happy when bed times rolls around (sometimes earlier than usual).

This was usually my time to blog while Seth pottered around fixing the pool or watering the garden or doing some of the tasks that are mine to do but I forgot to do them in the busyness of the day.  We would then carve holes into the couch with our bums as we soaked in a couple of episodes of whatever caught our fancy at the time (still mourning Sons Of Anarchy finishing!).

Actually, I think this is what I relish the most, the time for us to connect and be together.  You might wonder how we consider this “us time” but we spend a surprising amount of the episode talking about it while it’s happening and then dissecting it afterwards.  ‘What would you do if I did that to you” (specific reference to Episode 1 of Season 2 of Vikings! – Don’t want to put out any spoilers but my wrath would have included a lot less civility and a lot more blood).


Seth has taken on a private job for the last couple of weeks and so has to work every evening.  It sucks.  For me and for him.  Giving up our evening slots.  BUT it has given me the chance to convert our lounge into a yoga studio every night for a couple of hours.

I chatted briefly to Che from Indiberries (whose blog I have been following for ages and who is currently studying to become a yoga teacher – probably the right person to ask right?!), who pointed me in the direction of www.doyogawithme.com which is a fantastic resource to help you do yoga in the comfort of your own home – FOR FREE.  Yes I still want to go to classes to make sure that I’m doing it correctly, but for now I think that this is the way forward.  Kids are expensive yo.

Seriously though, I am loving it.  Learning new things, trying things that I would find rather uncomfortable in company and just pushing myself to keep up.  My body has muscles I never knew existed and I’m loving challenging it and feeling the effects the next day (I might be a lot unfit).

So more often you may find no blog post in the morning because instead of wracking my brain for something to write about, I have “logged off, shut down and done yoga”.

Side note: I found my super cool black yoga mat at Dischem (much cheaper than Mr Price and Sportsmans Warehouse)


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