That Time I Went To Woolworths To Learn About Healthy Lunches But Landed Up On The Expresso Show

This blogging gig is great.

Not only do I get to express myself, capture memories and the ups and downs of parenting, connect with others, give and find encouragement in the hard moments, but sometimes I get to attend cool events and do fun things*.  A nice little reward for the hard work that I put in – not that I do it for that, but it’s nice to know someone is reading and enjoying what I write.

* And let’s also acknowledge that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Believe it or not, there are expectations to facilitate etc.

Anyway, back to being invited to an event by Woolies.

I assumed that it was a blogging event where we’d learn about how to pack healthy lunches for our kids and then share it via our blogs.  I roped Seth in (because technically he is the one that actually packs the lunch boxes) and off we went to Tygervalley Woolies.


When we got there I saw a very familiar face – Charlene from Pretty Please Charlie and we sat together.  As the place kept filling up I couldn’t help but wonder how there were SO many mommy bloggers in Cape Town that I didn’t know about.  I mean obviously I don’t know everyone but I’m pretty clued up and I didn’t see any other familiar faces.

As we were about to get started we were informed that the film crew for The Expresso Show were there to capture the event for their Wed (28th) show.  I died inside.  You know when your blood runs cold.  Or maybe even stops.  Suddenly my hands felt clammy and I was blushing.  TOTALLY necessary as we hadn’t even moved and all they would be doing was showing what happened.

Anyway, we went on the walk about the store with a dietitian who explained each of the food groups, what to pack, amounts of each food group etc.  It was so informative.  I thought I knew what we should and shouldn’t be eating but now within those boundaries we can explore so many more options that I didn’t necessarily think of before.  (A much more detailed post on this later).

When we got back to our tables Charlene and I were approached to do an interview about what we had learnt on the walk about.  For the Expresso Show – aired every morning on all TV’s across South Africa (if you’re awake early enough to watch it).

Side note:  Seth and I happened to be introduced to Graeme at an event last year.  I had no idea who he was.  It was slightly more than embarrassing.

Side note of more importance:  I once read on this site, that one thing that kills a blog is that when the blogger “makes it” and is featured on TV or such things, they lose their realness because they don’t go there and then share how totally overwhelming it was or whatever, they just act like it’s normal.

Let me affirm to you that 1. I have not made it 2. This is not normal 3. I’m a total spaz.

I don’t know if you’ve ever pictured being asked to do stuff like this.  Sometimes I watch award shows and wonder how I would be under those conditions.  I always hoped that I would be funny and charismatic – like Jennifer Lawrence (that girl can do no wrong in my eyes).  But here’s the thing – reality is just not like that for me at all.

With a mouth as dry as the Sahara desert in a sand storm and make up that was probably melting off from shear fear induced sweat, I stumbled through the questions.  You guys.  Stumbled is actually an understatement.  For each question I was asked, I was supposed to repeat their question in my answer.  Did I do this on purpose even once?  Nope.  My brain reverted to the capability of a bug eyed goldfish caught in the headlights.  (That’s not even possible but imagine it anyway).  It was shocking.  I’m still cringing now actually.

Charlene?  She flipping nailed it, looking radiant and answering the questions like she was born to do TV presenting.  Incredible.

If you want to witness the most awkward interview of all time (if they haven’t come to their senses and deleted it), tune in to The Expresso Show on Wednesday the 28th (that’s tomorrow) at 6am.

Feel free to laugh at me, I know that after I have died of embarrassment I will be laughing at myself too.


Also, as it turns out…  This was NOT a bloggers event.  This is something that Woolworths do regularly to educate and help their customers.  SUCH a great idea.  What are the chances that both Charlene and I were there on the same night – small World.

13 thoughts on “That Time I Went To Woolworths To Learn About Healthy Lunches But Landed Up On The Expresso Show

  1. Well done! Which channel is the show on? If I’m awake would like to have a look. I was once on ‘Great Expectations’ and was mortally embrarassed, looked and acted like a rabbit caught in a spotlight

  2. Ok, so, um…. firstly
    Please don’t say that being featured in other media (TV, mags, radio) kills a blog because I love those opportunities and grab them with both hands. Even though I shit lego sized bricks the day of interview!
    Secondly, I read the blog post you referred to and as a blogger, I’d say we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t so whatever.
    And thirdly, you’re gorgeous and lovely and they will edit the um’s so don’t worry about it.
    And fourthyly…. the more you do it, the more fun you have during the interviews, the easier it gets to do.

    • I think maybe i didn’t explain that properly. Featuring is freaking awesomd and *should* be grabbed with both hands. What kills a blog is when bloggers make like that’s normal. That they don’t get nervous, that it isn’t freaking cool to be there. Know what i mean?

      Totally agree with damned if we do and damned if we don’t. But i did find a lot of the comments in that post useful and true.

      Flip i hope they edit the whole thing right out!

      • LOL! You’ll be amazing! Don’t even worry about it. And really how much fun was it right?

  3. You really make me laugh 🙂 Congratulations, I will be glued to Espresso tomorrow from 6am to get a glimpse of you mommy blogger who have not made it 😉

  4. Babes! You were awesome! Really! And what are you on about me nailing it?? Ha-ha. I still had marks on my hands were I dug my nails into my palms the next morning. I most definitely was not made for TV. So much respect for people who spend their days in front of the camera. I am SO glad that you were there! I would not have been able to do it on my own! Mwah x

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