We Started School And There Were NO Tears!

When I pictured our first day of school I prepared for the worst.

I envisioned children that had unbrushed hair, mismatched clothes and questionable status on teeth brushing to be thrown in the car because we were late again.  They would scream at being strapped into their seat belts and they would scream at being taken out of them.  Walking to school would not happen and I’d have to drag them all there with Seth carrying the girls and me trying to wrangle a miserable little boy.  I pictured them crying from the moment we set foot in the area until the time I managed to pry them off me.  Even more so for Knox.  Saying goodbye to him would be like trying to pry an octopus off your face while not actually wanting to pry him off at all.

Honestly most of this wouldn’t be out of character.  I expected this.

So when we managed to get everyone dressed and ready in time to leave (on time!) I was feeling a little bit more at ease, but still unable to shake the knot in my tummy.  We even got a “First Day 2015” shot, despite Kyla’s dress getting stuck in her shorts that she’d only just put on (even though I reminded her about 10 times).


Kyla is going to a school that only starts in Grade 1, so she is doing her Grade R at their current school.  It’s great for us (makes life a little easier getting everyone to the same place) but it kind of detracts from her being SUCH A BIG GIRL!  My first little baby is in Grade R!  I can’t even believe it.  Anyway, this means that she starts earlier so we dropped her off first.  A bit shy after being away so long, she was assigned her hook and took a seat on the mat.  Not really that fussed at being back.

Riya’s class happened to be right next door to Kyla’s and after finding her hook she took off to play with her friends – I struggled to even get a goodbye from her.  Not a care in the world.  Looking for her besties from last year and only finding one, but totally not worried.  In fact, she was in her element.

Finally it was the moment of truth.  Seth and I took Knox into his new classroom and we found his hook and he hung up his bag.  He walked right over to the monster trucks and sat down to play.  Seth got down to chat to him and give him a cuddle but he was on his own mission.  I said goodbye and he didn’t even bat an eyelid.

We left and then went back to get a picture and he was still totally fine.

I’ve gotta say that although I didn’t dissolve into a puddle of tears, my heart was sore and I was kind of disappointed.  He clearly isn’t as attached to me as I thought, which I know is a really good thing, but sometimes hard to handle when it’s your littlest baby!

Assuming that he was still in the honeymoon phase of it all, I expected this morning to be the realisation period and would have to brave the chaos on my own (I do the drop off normally as Seth gets in to work at dawns crack).


We were on time and everyone was happy.


And again – there were NO TEARS! He gave me a kiss good bye and walked over to the toys and played.

You guys, I don’t even know what to say about this.

So funny that this is what you hope for, but when it happens you suddenly feel like they don’t love you or something.

4 thoughts on “We Started School And There Were NO Tears!

  1. That’s fantastic! As an ex teacher I remember the first week is great – everyone is quiet and wants to work! Of course the new kids have their tears but that’s to be expected. Drop and go works well instead of hanging around anxiously! Long may the no tears last.

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