That Time We Unplugged For 5 Days – Petervale Farm

When Seth told me that he had organised us a holiday on a farm I was dubious.

He joked with me that we’d be camping and sleeping on the floor amid ALL the bugs and creepy crawlies, washing ourselves in the dam and pooping in the forest – wiping our butts with leaves.  No freaking thank you.  I mean, sure, I’d glamp, but camping is just not something that’s high up on my bucket list, considering that time my brother and I camped with friends and we just happened to set our bottomless tent up on an ant hole.  We’d totally make it on Survivor for being aware of our surroundings and all that.

Anyway, either fear of imminent death in his sleep or just plain common sense took over and he booked us into the cottage option – with a hot shower.  I think it was a good move, a bit of “the best of both worlds” kind of situation.  We were still on the farm with walking distance to the animals and the dam AND we had hot water, fridge and kettle.  Not to mention comfortable beds and limited creepy crawlies running around.

Maybe I am a little stuck up.  Sorry, not sorry.

We took a two and a bit hour drive up to Ceres where we checked into the lovely Petervale Farm.  You guys, I cannot recommend this place enough.  We had an absolute ball here.  I think it was one of our best holidays yet.  In the mornings you get to take the kids to feed the animals and milk the cows, then for the rest of the day you can chill and swim at the dam or do whatever you feel like.  Ceres CBD (if you can even call it that) is only 10 minutes away with a rather large Pick n Pay for any and all grocery essentials and there is the sweetest little coffee shop on the outskirts of the town, next to a huge Antique store.  A match made in heaven right?!

Plus we went with some of our lovely friends and it was so nice to be able to sit and have coffee and chats while the kids played, not to mention good laughs over 30 seconds and a bottle (or two) of wine.  This is something that I really want to do more of, family getaways with friends = best holiday!  (There are 2 separate cottages)

Here’s how we spent our first couple of days…













A blurry picture of Knox touching the cow before recoiling in panic, declaring, “TOO HOT!!”IMG_0208




6 thoughts on “That Time We Unplugged For 5 Days – Petervale Farm

  1. I’m like you and it doesn’t count as a holiday if I have to “work”. Your poor hubby (not)

    Ha ha ha I can just picture Knox’s face when he recoiled! That must have earned a good laugh.

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