Let’s Rewind The Clock By About 4 Weeks

Let’s quickly recap on the events of the week so far:

Monday: YES! I’m so ready to go back to work.  I’m going to kick this years butt.  300 emails?  You ain’t got nothing on me, bam bam bam get out my inbox.  I own you.  Muhuhahahahahaha  What’s that kids?  You want to play games with me and swim?  Let’s do it.  Water garden – tick.  Healthy supper – tick.  Blog acknowledged and given a bit of love – tick.  Same goes for the husband – tick.

Tuesday: Let’s go kids.  I said let’s go kids.  Thank you for helping Knox with his shoes.  Bye I love you. Coffee, make it a double – going without it didn’t go well yesterday. I thought I took care of these emails yesterday.  Commission reconciliations until I want to pull my eyes out with the calculator.  Another coffee. Relax with the kids at in laws, eat an amazing supper. Feeling content.

Wednesday:  Woah now, how did it get so late so quickly?  If I’d been doing the commission recons it would be 7.30 forever. No baby you can’t come with me to work – I’ll miss you too.  WHERE IS THE COFFEE?!  What the heck inbox, just chill out.  How can people looking for a job just not show up to an interview?  Unbelievable.  Ooops, I’m late to fetch the kids.  No you can’t swim.  Let’s water the garden.  Oh no, I need to go shopping, I don’t have anything for supper – takeaways it is.  What did you say?  Bed at 9.30?  Yes please.

Thursday: Is it the weekend yet?  I need another holiday.

That’s a pretty accurate summary of my week so far.  I could quite easily rewind the last 4 weeks and relive them over and over again.  For now I’ll just keep staring at the pictures and having little vacations in my mind.


For new years we had a little baby visitor that came to celebrate with us.  How I would love to have another little creature in our home, but the dogs would rip it to shreds in seconds.

Kyla insisted that we investigate the dress up box and that we ALL take part.  Knox who was initially very keen, bowed out at the last minute.  So hard to get all three of them interested in something all at the same time.


This girl and the faces that she pulls.  She also has her own gibberish that often entertains us with, so funny.  Sometimes I wonder whether not putting her into modelling/talent scouting will be denying her natural ability to entertain everyone.


We so enjoyed having the time to go out and enjoy the various restaurants in our area.  We loved Graze in Kenilworth (the breakfast ham and cheese sandwich with the poached egg and mushroom sauce, though not diet friendly, is absolutely AMAZING!)IMG_20150102_153006

This guy swims “bah mah-self” all the time now.  A water baby of note – just like SethIMG_20150103_190202

We loved having friends over and swimming and braaing and chilling and chatting and eating ice cream and just generally taking time out to be together and catch up.IMG_20150104_120243

We also took a day drive out to Port Owen for a family birthday.  It’s so lovely there.  Who even knew that the West Coast was so lovely?  I didn’t.IMG_20150104_140933



What is it about a straight peak cap that just makes them look so naughty.  I love it.IMG_20150105_112758

It has to be noted that in 11 years of being with Seth he has played Monopoly with me about twice.  To say he’s not a fan is an understatement.  So when he willing played the Junior version with the girls and I a couple of times this holiday it reaffirmed how much he loves our girls.  IMG_20150105_151212

We had way to may milkshakes this holiday, but the best one so far was the one at Stodels in Kenilworth.  No, not for the flavour, creaminess or even the container, it’s all about the presentation!  Side note, parents might not be so happy so consider this a heads up.IMG_20150107_084045

Carting around 60th birthday balloons at a dear friends 1st birthday – as one does.  (Happy birthday Scarlett, we love you!)IMG_20150107_151047

8 thoughts on “Let’s Rewind The Clock By About 4 Weeks

  1. I think I died a little inside when I had to go back to work. We really made an effort to do family things every day for the whole holiday – it was by far the best holiday I’ve had. 3 year olds rock!

  2. You make me smile, love your sense of humour. I’m with Seth, I love board games, all except monopoly, dreadful game, he must love those girls a lot 😉

  3. Now I need a holiday!!! You have such s beautiful family!!! I used to love monopoly but I find I don’t have the attention span for it these days. Maybe I should try the junior version

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