Holidays… Or Rather The Time That I Washed More Dishes Than I Did All Year


There is no time of the year that I enjoy more than the Summer holidays.

We have enjoyed ours to the max with a break away to a farm out in Ceres and quite a few day trips to visit a lot of the things that our town has to offer.  When we haven’t been gallivanting around, we’ve been been sorting out our house and making it feel much more like ours.  It’s been great.

Side note – We’re tapped out for the rest of the month, but I’m going to say that it was so very worth it!

I’ve loved Instagramming the heck out of the good times – there were quite a few of them.  That being said, I’m obviously not mentioning the excessive whining about what clothes to wear/what to eat/when to swim/where we go/what we do/every move I make or the fighting or the time that Knox fell of the ladder and smashed his face into the floor because that’s just no fun.  But what is real life without the fun moments being sprinkled with trying ones.

That being said, the kids are definitely growing up.  In between the fighting, there are these moments of pure sweet joy.  Watching them lovingly interact with each other properly makes my heart want to pop from happiness.  Especially when they manage to co-ordinate it to the mornings before I feel like getting up.


Actually I’ve almost become redundant.

Riya has insisted on feeding Knox his cereal every morning and he is absolutely loving it.  So now I just need to work on them doing the dishes, making all the food, cleaning up and doing the laundry and I’ll be able to go on holiday.  Which I need after this holiday.  I have done more of these during this holiday than I have the whole year.  I am not proud of this fact – I quite enjoyed not having to do it.


One of the things that I have treasured this holiday is spending time with our girls playing games.  Doing things like this is a huge memory of my childhood and recreating it with my kids has been such a fun experience.  So far we’ve tried out Uno and Junior Monopoly and both are a hit.  I can’t wait to try a few more this year.


We have thoroughly enjoyed our break away from work and sitting behind a laptop (even to blog) and I am looking forward to sharing some of what we got up to in the next few weeks when things go back to normal.

In the meantime I am going to soak up the last few days of freedom and look forward to catching up with you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Holidays… Or Rather The Time That I Washed More Dishes Than I Did All Year

  1. I’ve loved seeing your holiday pics of the kids – can’t wait til mine is a little bigger to enjoy all these things with her too!

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