One Of Those Times It Feels Like Your Heart May Pop

Our hearts do many things.  Sometimes they feel a deep sadness with an unexpected loss, sometimes a deep and unfaltering love for a partner and sometimes they just want to pop with and overwhelming sense of Mommy pride and joy.

Watching my kids do things that I have no involvement in teaching them does this to my heart.  Even stuff I have taught them actually.  Either way, seeing them do it on their own – with no prompting or correcting, just going at it and doing their best.  It’s special to see.

I sit there and watch them in a giddy excitement, heart bursting, eyes straining to take it all in and just feeling jolly proud of our kids.  I’d mark this down on my list of top 5 feelings to have – if I had a list.

We had the girls Nativity concert at school earlier this week.  Despite the wind and having the concert outside, we had such a blast watching them perform.  Knox was standing and clapping for everyone and kept trying to get the girls attention on the stage.

Heart pop!

Also I probably should have washed off their Hello Kitty tattoos before the performance.  Oh well.





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