I didn’t blog yesterday.

This might sound like a “duh” kind of statement, but for me it’s a liberating one.  You see, I committed (to myself) that I WILL post every day during the week.  But yesterday I had nothing to say so instead of filling a post with trash, I just let it go.

Despite constantly having to fight that nagging feeling, I actually quite enjoyed not having to find something to write about on Sunday night.  I almost feel like running into the street and doing a blog inspired rendition of Let It Go – complete with dramatic dance moves.  I may even throw in some jazz hands.

Feeling Thankful For:  Big-little opportunities.  I’m not a prolific writer but seeing a few of my words spewed out on platforms other than this one is quite awesome.  Check out a few interviews that both happened to be published yesterday – the first is with Blog Share Connect and the second with SA Mom Blogs.  Also keep an eye out on the Spar Savour magazine for an article all about kids party planning at the beginning of next month.  This was such fun to write and I can’t wait to see it.

While I’m busy with this kind of thing, let me point your attention to the right of this page.  Do you see it?  That voting button?  Can I urge you to click on it?

Here’s the thing though – you can ONLY vote for one blog per category.  So if you feel that this space of the internet is your absolute favourite South African parenting blog, then click the button.  If you prefer another parenting blog, let me encourage you to go and give them your vote.  You only have one vote – so make it count.

Making:  We are hosting a murder mystery party at our place on Saturday night and I am beyond excited.  “In my element” is kind of an understatement.  We are busy with quite a few DIY projects to make sure the house is “presentable” but also very busy with all of the party planning and decor too.  Watch this space for a post on it next week.

Anticipating:  The end of the year.  It can’t come quickly enough!

Eating:  So badly.  I want to eat all the things.  ALL OF THEM.  It’s like self control has flown out the window along with my bikini body.  Not that I had one – three kids and all that.

I thought I’d also share my stealth mode “eating chocolate out the cupboard when the kids aren’t looking” thing…


Watching:  We ran out of things to watch, but after a quite Twitter poll we decided on giving Sons of Anarchy another go and I think I might be getting hooked. Yippee!  I love a series where I feel like I just HAVE to watch the next one.

Loving: This weather and the fun that it brings with it.  So much more time to do things outside in the evenings – which we have been putting to the test the whole of this week.  Plus I think my mood is directly associated with the weather, I’m currently in happy mode and loving it!  (I hope you are too!)


4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. The murder mystery party sounds like such a cool idea, we must chat. I am always looking for fun things to do with our mates!

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