A Prized Possession… (Spoiler Alert – It’s Not My Kids)

Growing up we had all of our meals in front of the TV, watching Full House or something similar.  It’s just what we did and we all really enjoyed it.

Seth grew up eating supper around the dining room table.  Needless to say that my first couple of suppers there were rather terrifying.  No wonder it was my most embarrassing moment.

So although there is lots of fun and bonding that can be had while laughing at the same screen, I think we missed out on the deeper bond that being forced to talk to each other brings.  That’s why when Seth and I got married, (and after we moved to a house bigger than our shoebox sized flat) one of the first things that we bought was a dining room table.

We got a big one – big enough to seat 8 people (because WHO KNOWS how many kids we’d have).  Plus having friends and family over is something that we really enjoy so there needed to be enough space.

It was one of our “prized possessions”.  Making sure it was always clean and protected from scratches was Seth’s life goal.

Living in the same house as I did for the first 25 years of my life, we decided that the house needed a bit of a face lift, so we knocked out all of the kitchen cupboards, along with the wall which left us with no counter top to use when preparing supper.  It was beyond annoying.  Eventually we used a desk, but it wasn’t the right height and it was getting damaged.  So we moved our precious table in there instead…

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I don’t think things through.  Not properly anyway, and definitely not when it’s a pot of hot popcorn that burns my fingers.  On the table it landed and made a nice burn mark across the top.  OK, who am I kidding, it made a few burn marks (if I’m stuffing up, I make sure that I am thorough).

2014-11-19 17.05.04

Our perfect table was no longer perfect.

Slowly but surely, being used as a counter top took it’s toll on the poor table, but not before we found a cool new use for it.  No longer would it be the table with the burn mark on it, it would now be the “memory table”, so that we could look back and go, “Hey, remember when you were such a chop and you burnt the table?  Ha ha).

Since then Seth and I have been adding little memories that raising three kids brings.  The other day we let the girls have a go at drawing a little something on there too.

Now this table is one of my most prized possessions – not because it’s perfect but because it holds perfect memories



Riya's House

Riya’s House

Kyla's Rabbit

Kyla’s Rabbit (and my really terrible one on the left)

2014-11-19 17.06.39

2014-11-19 17.06.07

2014-11-19 17.06.00

2014-11-19 17.02.56

2014-11-19 17.03.18

2014-11-19 17.04.30

2014-11-19 17.05.11

2014-11-19 17.07.06

2014-11-19 17.06.54

14 thoughts on “A Prized Possession… (Spoiler Alert – It’s Not My Kids)

  1. Just this morning I was driving to work thinking, we so easily condition our kids to think that “things” make you feel happy. When we should be teaching them that its moments in life and things you do that should make you feel happy.Really want to concentrate on doing that.

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