It’s Not Every Day That You Get To Take A Selfie With Barney!

I don’t have a bucket list.

If I did, it would include a lot of traveling, eating and drinking a lot of authentic food (that DOESN’T involve bugs, snakes, blood, whale or other weird stuff). trying new things and finishing old ones.

For example, colouring in a colouring in book from start to finish, eating pizza in a little Italian village after walking the streets photographing EVERYTHING and maybe even finally committing do the zip-lining through the mountains thing.

One thing that you would not find on my very imaginary list is meeting Barney.

In fact you would have found that close to the top of the “Things I Will Never Introduce To My Kids” list – but we all know how that went down.

The excitement leading up the the day was palpable.  We were counting down the sleeps, then the hours, the minutes and then getting confused with the seconds.  But when that purple dinosaur popped onto that stage their reactions were priceless.

I thought they’d be terrified (like I used to be with large puppets) but they couldn’t wait to go and give him a cuddle.

We waited till after the show and got in line to meet Barney.  The girls were quite reserved, but Knox would have sat and had tea with him for the rest of the afternoon if he could!  I even got a hug!

I’m not even shy to admit that meeting Barney is now one of the big moments in my life…  (I may need to find more moments.)






And who could miss an opportunity to take a selfie with Barney – not Seth, that’s who.



Also, I don’t know how many people reading this are from JHB, but let me encourage you to enter Sharon’s competition where you can also win your chance to meet Barney.  You kids will love you!


10 thoughts on “It’s Not Every Day That You Get To Take A Selfie With Barney!

  1. I was also very much against the Barney thing, but Aly is obsessed with Barney and names all the characters. So guess who’s having a Barney themed 2nd birthday party…which I swore even before I was pregnant I would never do… haha. Looks like the kidos loved it and the big kido even more 😀 love the barney selfie

    • Nah, I don’t think it’s bad. We only caved when the 3rd one came. Turns out Barney is actually quite educational (if you can sit through the songs). 😉

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