7 Things We Don’t Spend Money On… Because We’re Parents


I flipping love them, but is anything sacred when you bring them into the mix?  Definitely not in our house.  Here are 7 things that we definitely don’t spend money on now that we are parents and it’s not because we don’t want to, we’ve just learned the hard (expensive) way.

Well, that’s what I was going to write about, until I saw Stacey’s post on Living Lionheart this morning.  This woman has a way with words that I envy, so if you’re looking for a well worded version of this, please pop over there!

This is all I had planned for the day though, so here are a few more things that have died a horrible death in our house.

1. Sunglasses.

Spending money on sunglasses is like throwing money into the toilet.  All of you people taking selfies with your cool Ray Bans, do not, under any circumstances let little people try them on.  They might look flipping cute, but you’ll pay the price.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


2. Couches

We have THE most uncomfortable couches in the world – something we regret the most when we’re trying to watch series in the evenings.  Will we change them any time soon?  Heck no.  Sure we have to get strategic about pillow placement when we have guests, but it beats being upset over more artwork covering a new couch.

3. Decorative ornaments of any kind

Unless they still look really cool on the highest (un-climbable) shelf in your house you’re probably going to want to wait a few years.

4. White anything.

Seen the new Scandinavian trend?  It’s all over Pinterest and let’s be honest, that’s where it will have to stay, unless your kids live the real life version of Bubble Boy.

5. A Fancy Pants Car

OK, so besides the fact that I couldn’t afford it anyway, transporting kids in a vehicle for even a short period of time is a gamble (just ask the rental company that I returned the car to after 2 weeks of pretending it was our – we never once went to the beach but there was sand EVERYWHERE).  Not to mention the small fortune in coins that the toddler has inserted into the air conditioning – on seconds thoughts, maybe I could afford the car after all.

6. Pretty (Expensive) Heels

Unless you’re some kind of celebrity that can probably run a marathon in heels, running after a child could become problematic.  Not to mention what crawling around with on the floor does to the toes of your shoes.  RIP suede boots of beauty.

7. Basically the rule is – don’t buy anything expensive or breakable.

You’re welcome.

13 thoughts on “7 Things We Don’t Spend Money On… Because We’re Parents

  1. So with you on this list!! My couch is in such need of being tossed on the dump but then I look at Mili-Flyn with her sticky fingers and decide to keep the manky couch for another year or 2!

  2. Ha! LOVE this! And to think… The Husband and I were contemplating white couches for our new home whilst still pregnant with Bean. SO glad we settled on the camel-coloured, scotch guard variety… even though scotch guard doesn’t actually work?! Or is my child just some kind of magical mess making machine?!

    • Scotch guard is useless. We have removable washable covers on our couches, AND we cover our couches with throws. 2 layers of washable anti toddler and cat protection. You never win though, we have had koki pen all over our antique leather chesterfield. Will have to reupholster that at some point in the future.

  3. True Story!
    A while ago I shared what Hannah did to our leather chairs, remember right?
    Kids will take anything of yours that is nice and shit on it (figuratively), I also have 3 dogs. So no! Nope! We don’t spend money on nice things anymore!

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