Some Sprinkles In Your Cereal (And The MamaMagic Winners)


Happy Monday!

I know those don’t usually go together in the same sentence, but despite it being the start of the new work week, I am in a really good space.

So good in fact that the girls got sprinkles on their cereal this morning.  I reserve it for special mornings where I have the energy (time) to walk all the way over to the other side of the kitchen to get it.  Mornings – they are not my thing.  But besides that, it’s the little things that they will remember – you could have sworn I’d poured gold onto it (except that probably wouldn’t taste very nice at all).

This week is going to be jam packed for our little family.  But obviously the most exciting thing for the kids, is that we are going to be going to see Barney at the MamaMagic Expo in just 4 more sleeps.  The amount of questions that I am fielding about him being the real Barney, where he lives, will he actually talk to me and so many more that I struggle to keep up with, are making all of us rather excited.

Anyway, I have to tell you who won right, so that you can start getting as excited as we are!

According to it’s lucky number 11 that will be taking their little nieces to meet Barney on Saturday – CONGRATS CINDY (And just to clarify – that’s not me!) and lucky number 25 – CONGRATS ANEL!!  (You will both have emails in your inbox shortly)


I hope you guys have a blast!


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