It’s FriYAY!


Does anyone else count down the days and then hours and then minutes until Friday?  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  Even though this week was absolutely fantastic, I’m actually rather glad it’s over.  Not that I’m planning any sleeping in over the weekend or anything but still, getting through the day at a slower pace is always welcome.

I feel like I have been writing a whole bunch of things but none of them are really about how things are going with us, so I thought I’d do a little round up.

Let’s start with Kyla, because well, she’s the oldest.  I can’t believe how she is developing into a real little girl, not just a large toddler that can say lots of things, but a girl that gets things, asks questions, wants to understand how it all works.  I’m noticing more and more of mine and Seth’s personality traits as she is becoming her own diluted version of us – it’s rather scary actually.  She recently admitted to me that she is scared of her teacher and after discussing it with her (and her teacher) it all boils down to nerves.  When she does speak to her teacher she uses an almost inaudible baby voice (from nerves – see what I mean about our genes shining through) and so her teacher asks her to speak up.  I’m trying to encourage her to be brave enough to go and talk to her and to use the same voice that she uses when she shouts at me from across the house.

Riya has been in the wars recently.  From going out on an outing to the train park and coming back with a huge gash in her neck, to falling and splitting open her lip and then the most recent was being knocked over by Coco in the passage and scrapping her back (rather badly) on the tile skirting.  I know you’re asking yourself how that’s even possible and believe me, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it either.  Other than that though is also growing in a beautiful young lady.  While Kyla could sit and draw/paint for hours, Riya is more inclined to cuddle (and I’m not complaining at all!).

Knox.  Where to start.  This guy is the joker of the family, with a wicked sense of humour and perfect timing, he often has us all in stitches.  Not only with his funny re-enactments of the girls being silly but the things he says.  I can’t even tell you how many words he knows because I stopped trying to count them.  OK, so maybe you wouldn’t understand him all the time, but he knows exactly what he is saying and I speak Knox, so I’ll translate for you.  He is a Mommy’s boy of note that cries when I leave him and runs up to me shouting “Mama!!” as soon as I come home – I couldn’t be happier with it.  (Long may it last)


Seth is still preening his man bun and fulfilling the customary husbandry roles of prying open my  eyes and inserting eye drops.  Work is busy but good and after being sick for too long, he’s started running again which he is rather chuffed about.  He also finished his second IMPI challenge last weekend and despite us sitting there and waiting a bit longer than expected (the course was crazy this year and they threw in 1.5kms for free ha ha) we were very proud of him finishing.  There are many things that I can do in life, but one thing that I don’t want to do, is do it without him.

And me?  Well I’m still ambling along.  Keeping my head just above water.  Finally went to the Optomotrist who gave me eye drops that I have been using for 2 days.  This morning my right eye is totally swollen on the right side (maybe not enough for most people to notice) but it’s sore and the first thing I see when looking in the mirror.  I also met the loveliest bloggers (and their guests) at the Table Bay Hotel yesterday – it was a rather surreal experience but AMAZING.  Let me just tell you that having Vicki Sleet (from I Want That) even know who I was, nevermind being invited to tea with her, was an experience I’ll never forget.

So that’s us, I hope you guys are all well?  Have a fab weekend!




4 thoughts on “It’s FriYAY!

  1. You all seem to be doing just fine. And some kids just have periods of clumsiness. If it persist you can look into her spacial issues (ie praxis), but I think this is just a temporary thing, Their bodies seem to grown too fast to keep up with in their brains.

    You look beautiful in that flower crown and have a great weekend

  2. Tip: For the easiest way to put in eye drops. Close your eye. Yes that’s right, close it. It the corner of your eye (next to your nose) put the required amount of drops, then blink it in gently. And voila, no stress about stretching your eyes and awaiting for that drops to hit your eye ball! Please try it 😀

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