Can You Feel That?

Summer is here.

(I’m inclined to say FINALLY, but I don’t want to sound ungrateful and scare her away again).

Sitting in the sun and feeling the warmth that unfreezes cold bones, getting whiffs of smokey braais and freshly cut grass, listening to the kids infectious laughter as they jump on top of each other on the trampoline intermingled with the calls of birds you’d forgotten about and watching butterflies flit around the garden like they own the place.

There’s something so magical about Summer that I don’t even mind the sudden influx of bugs all over the place.  OK, I almost don’t mind.

Besides all of the that, one of my favourite things about Summer is seeing the kids in shorts and dresses.  And believe me, that’s their favourite thing about Summer too – they have been asking me all Winter when they will be able to wear clothes were “they can see their arms”.  Now they can’t believe their luck when I agree to their requests in the morning.

I thought I’d share some of our favourite Summer outfits for this Summer and even where you can get them.

First we have a closer look at the dresses that capture my girls personalities so much so that I have to stop them wearing it every day – our goodies from Korango.  These can be bought in a few boutique stores, but I wouldn’t worry with that because you can get them delivered right to your door on their website.  Also if you head over onto Making Mountains you can see another one of their gorgeous dresses and make use of the code with your first purchase!

Korango girls wear


























This pink heart dress we ordered from Mr Price – also delivered right to our door.  So very convenient!



Kyla is sporting our favourite dress from NEXT (Only available in South Africa via and Riya is wearing Sticky Fudge number (a couple of seasons old, but want to update their wardrobe with this one soon)






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