You know when I have so much to say but don’t know how to say it properly I whip up a good old faithful “Currently” post.  Maybe it seems like a cop out, but I really enjoy how it wraps up the wandering thoughts that I’ve been having.


Side Bar – How gorgeous do my kids look in their new Korango outfits?  It’s an Australian brand now available at selected boutique stores or available online – go check it out!  I love how they got their personalities so right – they adore what they are wearing so much that I had to bribe them with ice-cream to take it off.

Listening To:  Not listening to anything new, except my kids who have now decided to remember the lyrics to every single song they hear.  It’s so funny to hear their interpretation of what they think they’re saying.

But also, instead of just half listening to what they say to me (which I am so guilty of more often that I’d like to admit) I’ve really been trying to listen to what they say and take it in properly.  Which led me to ask Kyla if she was looking forward to going back to school.  She replied with a very definite no, so I asked her why and she said, “Because I already know all the things.”  I looked at her rather inquisitively and then she said, “Except roads, I don’t know roads.”

So that public vs private school debate that we were having on Twitter is basically sorted.

Feeling Thankful For:  An amazing support system. From family who are there to help us look after the kids, to friends to relax with, to a husband who loves me, has my back and that I can laugh over ridiculous things with.  Seriously, I could not be more grateful for each and every one of them.


Making:  Not much actually!  There are no immediate birthdays coming up so there’s no pressure to make anything crazy, but I am planning something to finally go over our bed – that space has been empty for an entire year and I think we need to get something in there.  I’m going to make good use of the washi tape that Lauren sent me (thanks again Lauren – you’re the BEST!)


Anticipating:  I need to go and get my eyes check out and I am terrified.  I’m sure it’s linked back to the Roaccutane, but I start the morning totally fine and then slowly but surely my vision blurs into oblivion.  So much so that I won’t drive at night anymore and I hardly make out what’s going on when we watch TV in the evenings.  It’s really unsettling.

Eating: Reason number 13428657 why marrying into a coloured family was the best thing that could ever happen to me – these babies.  After posting it on Instagram I realised that my spelling was slightly incorrect.  So to quote my friend Julia, let me clarify:

“Koeksuster” = twisty version from Afrikaans tannies.  (A special kind of delicious – drenched in syrup and I don’t know, it just makes me happy)

“Koesiester” = the one that you’re eating most popular in the coloured community.  (It’s a bread type of consistency, but it’s flavoured with spices that I can’t name but taste amazing (I want to say cinnamon and cardamon but I could be totally way off), they are also coated in syrup and coconut.  When they are served warmed with tea I could literally eat the entire plate full.)



Watching:  The Walking Dead.  I was hesitant at first.  I can’t deal with sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for zombies to pop up to scare me every second.  But we’ve just moved on to season 2 and it’s starting to really focus more on the characters than the scary stuff (although there are quite a few scenes where I’m taken back to Dexter – you want him to kill the guy so badly and then they just do – I realise I may have issues).

Loving:  This weather.  I’m a Summer girl through and through.  Even though the sun may freak me out while on Roaccutane, I am loving the promise of fun that the sun brings (as long as you are suitably sun blocked up).


10 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh.My.Hat. I am obsessed with TWD … totally addicted! Plus, I now have a redneck crush on Darryl (he grows on you – trust me!). We are on season 5 in our household! I admit, it’s a tad too gory in places and I watch through my fingers (I am such a wuss), but the story has me completely sucked in! Good luck with the eyes, hope it’s not too serious! P.S how freekin’ cute are your offspring!

    • HI Joye – you have a fair point.

      I only mentioned it because Seth and I (though both South Africans) have different cultural backgrounds which in this instance seems to be defined by colour. As a mixed race couple it’s not something that we mean in an offensive way at all. I’m sorry if you feel offended by it, that was definitely not the intention.

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