I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Emy Clarke (From Like Mother, Like Daughter)

Welcome back to another installment in our new series – I’m A Mom With Tattoos.  In case you have missed the last couple, don’t forget to check them out here.

What a week.  I’m not lying when I say that I am beyond happy that it’s over. Gotta love the weekend!



Anyway, you know when you meet someone and just know that you’ll really get on if you had the chance to see them more often?  That’s how I felt when I met Emy at the #CTMeetUp.  What a lovely woman she is and I am stoked to feature her here.  So without further fuss, please meet Emy…

Your name and blog deets: My name is Emy Clarke and my blog is www.likemotherlikedaughter.co.za, but you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Your age: I am 30 years old. (Almost 31 eek!)

Your Occupation: I manage a Guest House and Self Catering accommodation in Paternoster.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you enjoy doing?   First and foremost I am a mother and a wife. These are my favourite roles and I will always choose my home and family over a night out. I enjoy being in the kitchen, crafting with my daughter, watching movies and just being around my loved ones.

A Mom’s favourite thing to do is talk about their children – tell us about your family:  I have a daughter, her name is Jae-Lyn, and she is 5. She is by far the most amazing little girl. She is the perfect mix of tomboy and princess. I see a lot of myself in her.




If you work, tell us a bit more about your working environment – are you regularly in contact with new “clients/public”.   My working environment is amazing. I get along really well with all my colleagues and my boss. I always joke that I am the only person ever to miss her boss when she goes away. Working in Holiday Accommodation I meet new people constantly. Most of them are amazing, but some not so much.

Tell us a bit about your tattoos, what they are, why you have them, where they are located:  I have 3 tattoos.


The first I got when I was about 17, it is a tribal at the bottom of my back. I’ve always thought of this tattoo in remembrance of my Stepfather, who was killed in a hi-jacking in 1999.

A few years later I got a butterfly on my stomach. My best friend also has a butterfly on her stomach, so this was sort of a bestie tattoo. My poor butterfly took one hell of a beating when I was pregnant with Jae. One wing grew to an enormous size and it has a few stretchmarks. Funnily enough this has made me love it even more. Obviously, it is very faded now, carrying a 4,5kg baby who was 2 weeks overdue was clearly more than she could handle, but I do have plans to have her redone and maybe added onto.


Lastly I have my daughters name on my left arm. I have always wanted to have her name tattooed on me. Finally got it done and I absolutely love it.

Do you plan on getting more? I would love to get many many more tattoos.


How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? I haven’t had any negative feedback with regards to my tattoos. My mom has tattoos, so I don’t think its very shocking to anyone that I would also get some.

What is the general reaction that “the Public” have towards your tattoos?  Have you run into any negativity or adversity because of them? I have never even thought about the public being negative towards my tattoos, I honestly would not let that bother me as it is my body, not theirs. I have been told that I am going to regret them when I’m old. I’m pretty sure I will be more worried about my health and just enjoying life than my tattoos.

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed? Find a good tattoo artist. My first 2 tattoos need to be retouched because I let a friend who was learning tattoo me. I don’t regret them at all, but they do need to be recolored and reworked.

Also, if you are a Mom with tattoos and would like to get in on the action here and share your story, mail/tweet (cindyalfino@gmail.com or @cindyalfino) me and I’ll send you everything you have to know.

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