I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Lee-Ann McLaurie

Welcome back to another installment in our new series – I’m A Mom With Tattoos.  In case you have missed the last couple, don’t forget to check them out here.

Guess what’s back?!  That’s right, we’ve found more lovely Moms to interview about their tattoos – YAY!  I’m really chuffed about this because I really hated not sticking with my series for the year, if nothing if not vaguely consistent ha ha.



Today we meet the lovely Lee-Ann.  If you’ve had as many restless nights as I’ve had recently I’d recommend a good, strong cup of the brown stuff before getting stuck in, just to make sure you can keep up!

Your name and blog deets: Lee-Ann McLaurie. Still trying to get the blog going. It’s a battle.  You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram

Your age: 35 going on 19

Your Occupation: Stay at home Mom, Wife and dog owner

Tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you enjoy doing?   I don’t remember much of life before my daughter (just over 7 months old). But from what I can recall, I enjoy being with the people I love. The ones who make me happy. That seems to bring it all together for me. I used to be a party animal, and I am sure that girl still exists somewhere. She’s just taking a time out to focus on being a new Mommy for now.


A Mom’s favourite thing to do is talk about their children – tell us about your family:  We have a blended family.  My Husband has a son, aged 8, who I met when he was 1. His name is Deen. He is a little bit too handsome and has the mind of an old man. There is never a dull moment when he is around. He keeps me on my toes. A typical naughty boy but so well grounded.



Then there is Alex, 7 months old. Our little miracle. We were told that natural conception was impossible. 5 months after we got hitched, we were pregnant. Without even trying. She is the air that I breathe. She was our “big bang”. Nothing but Deen existed before her. She is a crazy little baby who gives me sleepless nights and designer bags under my eyes but I am thankful for her existance every single day.  Deen and Alex are my everything. Stepkid, Bio Kid. Who cares? I love them both the same.

Tell us a bit about your tattoos, what they are, why you have them, where they are located:  Well, I have 5 (and counting) so this may take a while.


The first one took me 6 months to translate. It’s an elvish script called Tengwar and translates to “Love and Happiness”. It’s on my left shoulder. I was in a very long and very bad relationship with someone who was dead set against tattoos. About a year after being single, I decided to get one. It was so liberating. 2 weeks later, I met my Husband.


Tattoo number 2 is a tribal heart on my wrist. My best friend has the matching one at the back of her neck. I was never planning on getting another tattoo but another friend of mine had given me a voucher for my birthday.


Tattoo number 3 is a 3D cross on my right ankle. It was a spur of the moment decision. I walked into the parlour, they had an opening, 15 minutes later, I was inked again.  (Snapsies – I have a very similar cross design on my foot too :))


Tattoo’s number 4 and 5 I had done together. These are the ones closest to my heart and they are very self explanatory. My Dad loves to sing. I have a red heart (my first colour tattoo) on my right forearm with music notes flying out of the heart. The word “Dad” is written in the middle of the heart.


The other one takes up most of my left forearm. It is of my daughter”s heartbeat with her name and a quotation underneath it. It means the world to me.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: 27

Which tattoo is your favourite and why?  They are all special to me, especially my last two. But there is nothing like he first one. It was my moment of freedom.

Do you plan on getting more?  No doubt in my mind. One for Deen, my Mom and a matching one with my two sisiters.


How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? I’ve only had negative feedback from 1 person. Other than that, everyone loves them. I made good choices when I decided to get them. And they all mean something deeply valuable. I think everyone who knows me gets that.

What is the general reaction that “the Public” have towards your tattoos?  Have you run into any negativity or adversity because of them? Nothing negative. I’ve been asked the “why did you do it” and the “what does it mean”, but that’s been about it. Almost everyone has told me how beautiful the tattoo for my daughter is.

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed? The itching afterwards is worse than the pain. So anyone can do it. Not that sore.

Also, if you are a Mom with tattoos and would like to get in on the action here and share your story, mail/tweet (cindyalfino@gmail.com or @cindyalfino) me and I’ll send you everything you have to know.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Lee-Ann McLaurie

  1. Yay – glad the series is continuing! I love reading the how’s and why’s behind people’s ink! (Maybe I’m just too nosey for my own good!) 🙂

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