You’ve Come Here Looking For What Now?


Oh internet, you funny thing.

It’s probably quite obvious how much we love the internet around here, from blogging to online shopping to  watching hilarious Jimmy Fallon videos (can’t get enough of Sara – no “h” because “h’s” are Ew), we are smitten.  You can find anything on anything out there – your options are basically limitless.

However when you come to our little space on the internet, there are many things that you definitely won’t find here, but people somehow land up here anyway.  Because I need a good giggle to start ending of the week, I thought I would share some “search terms” that have led people to stumble on our blog.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

“morning sickness hating life”  – Aaah yes.  I can see why you landed up here.  I too suffered from the “all day sickness” for all 9  months of pregnancy with Riya and Knox, which led me to declare “NO MORE BABIES EVER.  LIKE NEVER EVER.”  And it seems that you may tend to agree.  I have no tips for you except to resist the urge to push it out this very instant and to rather remember this moment – then whenever you are in an argument with your spouse remind them how sick you were.

“how to brain wash a dog” – Oh man, if only I could harness this power.  I don’t know how to brain wash a dog.  If I did our Spartan would actually be more of a Spartan and less of a wuss.  They would also NOT eat the plants (that I’d been looking for everywhere) as their afternoon playtime.

“lisas birthday woop woop” – I love a little “woop woop” and birthdays as much as the next girl, but who exactly is Lisa?  Nevertheless, have a happy birthday Lisa, woop woop!

“why sometimes promises are hard to keep?” –  What a deep question to be asking and not finding the answer to here.  I too find promises harder to keep than to make sometimes, especially when it involves coercing the little people into eating their food, getting dressed, getting into the car, getting out of the car, sitting down, standing up, being quiet, speaking up, bathing, cleaning up and so much more.

“cups and plates you can eat” – Now this would be a wonderful invention – no more dishes to wash!  Although my kids have desperately tried and tested every one of our eating utensils, none of them turned out to be edible.  It’s a shame really.  The closest we came was these edible tea cups and saucers.

“how to make a sweathouse” –  Just get into my car on a Summers day in Cape Town – it’s instant.  I’m sure the same would apply to a house – close all the windows and doors and make sure there’s no air con.  Maybe throw on a couple of extra layers of clothing for good measure.

“mom there is a unicorn in my cupboard” – Who put it there, whose feeding it and when do we get to watch it poop fairy dust?

“scary ostrich pictures” –  Finally someone who gets it.  Despite my bird tattoo, I don’t actually like birds.  How’s that for a contradiction?! Anyway, we found the scariest ostrich at Giraffe House a while back – when they eat their necks look flipping weird.

“nikki older hot mom” – I’m not Nikki and I’m not an older or hot mom.  You must be looking for this Nikki, or this Nikki or this Nikki, or even this Nicki – but to clarify, they are hot but NOT old!


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