To Knox On Your 2nd Birthday


My Knox

Yes, MY Knox.

(You’ll have to fight me to call him your Knox – sorry future girlfriend, it’s just how it is around here.)

There are so many things that happened to you this year with regards to your growth and development.  You’ve astounded me in so many ways in how quickly you’ve grown up.  Almost not a baby anymore (who am I kidding – you will ALWAYS be my baby).  But that’s not what I want to focus on.  We all know how babies develop, when they start walking and talking and all of that.  But for me, what is more important than all of that is the little person that you are becoming.

You are a determined little boy, intent on having (and keeping) whatever it is that you have set your heart on, you love super heros (Pidaman, Ion Man and Supaman are your favourites) even though you have only ever seen them in pictures on your clothing, you have the rhythm of your father (thank goodness) and will dance whenever you hear a good beat, you have a wicked sense of humour and often imitate us in the funniest ways, you give kisses freely (to me and that’s what counts), you are always wanting to be in on the action of your sisters (even if it means having your nails painted) and you make me want to have another baby like you every single day.

There is not a day that goes by that my heart doesn’t swell up with an overwhelming love for you and I don’t declare, “Oh my goodness, you are too freaking cute/adorable/gorgeous/clever/funny/perfect” like it’s the first time I’ve ever said it.  And I mean it every single time.  Every single time.

You spent your birthday this year struggling with a rather serious case of tonsillitis.  You were feverish and miserable which meant a lot of cuddles together.  But I will never forget on that night, (after you woke up screaming again at 10.30pm) I brought you to our room and held you in my arms.  Your big, little head fitting into the crook of my arm, but your legs hanging off the other side, too long to curl up like they did on that night just two years ago.  We spent that first night in hospital cuddling the exact same way and I hope that it’s not the last birthday that we end off that way together.

The amount of love that I have for you is pulling at all my heart strings, making me want to spill a few tears down my cheeks as I write this.  To commemorate the 2 years that we’ve spent together and in the hope that we will spend many, many more together too.

I am in your corner.  Rooting for you.  I love you!

xo Mom





6 thoughts on “To Knox On Your 2nd Birthday

  1. No He’s also My Knoxy. grandmothers have a claim too 🙂 especially when we baby sit and he screams for mama and eventually calms down with nana and we have a conversation at 9.30 about why ostriches cant fly… thanks Dora the explorer…. and then precious little lamb calmly climbs into his bed settles down and goes to sleep – of course after telling me what to do… switch on side light etc. reckon i have a bit of a claim on him but wont fight you for it….mwah

  2. Gosh Cindy this is one of the first birthday messages to a child on a blog that has got me choked up. I love how much you love your babes, and how freely you share that love online.

  3. Goodness…brought a tear to my eye now!! Feel the same as we have just celebrated our little mans 1st year. Little boys really do have a special place in a mommies heart 😉

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