We Got Married Again (Not Really But It Almost Felt Like It)

It’s not often that I wake up with a nervous ball in my tummy.  Well, besides my real wedding day or any day that I had to say an oral/mondeling in front of the class at school.

But this morning was different.

When Katie from Magical Moments In Time was looking for models for a styled wedding shoot, I literally jumped on her through Facebook and begged here to choose us.  You wouldn’t blame me if you remembered how awesome the shoot was of our girls having a tea party in the forest!  Katie is so fun to work with that I knew it would not only be an awesome experience, but a fun morning too.  When she got in touch to say that they had chosen us I did a little jig in the kitchen with the kids to celebrate.


I couldn’t help but feel rather nervous when the day actually came.  I knew Katie wanted gorgeous pictures and I didn’t want to disappoint and considering that my face looked like this, I was rather terrified of exposing it in front of the other models.

Anyway, we got the kids ready and dropped them off really early at Ga’s house and then we drove through to Somerset West.  I’ve always wanted to explore that area (as we’ve always just driven through it, on our way to somewhere further off), but this morning we got to stop and take it all in.  We pulled up to Li Belle – a stunning Guest House on the hill.  The view was magnificent.

After hair and make up (big props to Alma for being able to not only hide my awful skin but also make me feel absolutely stunning with my skin glowing and to Upstyle Hair for being able to keep a curl in my hair that actually stays in).  But you guys…  My dress.  It felt like it was made for me.  If you are looking for a gorgeous dress to hire for your big day, I would definitely get in touch with Affordable Wedding Dresses – a wonderful selection for all shapes and sizes without having to rob a bank to get it.



If you want to see more pictures, head on over to Magical Moments In Time to take a look.


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