It’s Too Calm Around Here – Time For Another Baby

Do you know what I’ve been waiting for since I became a Mom?

A full nights sleep.

5 years later and I am still waiting…

But that aside, things are pretty cool around here.  I spoke about it before, so I won’t rehash it now.

In fact, Knox has been struggling with 39.5 degree fevers for the last two days and I could still have a skype chat with a client, cook supper, spend time with the girls, make some party decor and pick him up whenever he wanted me to.  That all fills up top 5 places for “Things I Could Never Do With A Sick Toddler”.

I mean seriously, who even knew that this was possible when you had kids?  I certainly didn’t.  That was right up until I sat back last night and reflected on the day and it hit me like a toy spade to the face – we’ve got this parenting thing fairly waxed.  Obviously I’d be lying if I said that every day was like this, but we are having more good ones than bad ones.  A lot more good ones actually.

As the wave of gratefulness hit, (with relief after pining for it for so long), so did the desire for a new baby.

Wait. What was that?

Yes Mom, I know I said I would never have another baby.  But I can’t help but feel like things are too easy now.  How crazy does that sound?

We tend to thrive on crazy though.  Seth and I.  Chaos seems to be “our thing”.  We do it well.  Most of the time anyway. Specifically the child raising part, not so much the part that falls into the “we have kids, we don’t have time to do this” part).  Aaah memories.

I know things will get crazy again when they go to school (thanks for the tip Laura) but I can’t help but want another little squishy person to cuddle (that can’t run away).


I posted the cell phone version of this on Instagram – but I loved these shots taken with the camera.  So much love for these three.

IMG_7678 IMG_7682 IMG_7689

8 thoughts on “It’s Too Calm Around Here – Time For Another Baby

  1. Haha, you aren’t crazy mama (well, at least I don’t think you are!) I know the feeling all too well, and I only have two! Chaos is what makes our house so perfect and our family so special – although I am loving sleeping through the night, uninterrupted!! x

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