On Being A “Boy Mom” Of Girls

I thought I was going to be a “boy Mom”.

Who knows why.  Whenever I pictured myself as a Mom, I always had a baby boy (with blonde hair and blue eyes) running into my arms with endless cuddles and declarations of “I love you” shouted at every interval. We played cricket in the park and made mud castles in the sand patch in the corner of the garden (co-incidentally all things I did as a girl, so who knows why I reserved these images for a son?).

As it turns out, I was a girl Mom for a good couple of years before I had the joy of becoming a boy Mom too.

Maybe I was a bit bummed that we didn’t have a boy straight off the bat, BUT I would not change it!  Having girls is just so much more awesome than I ever thought it would be.  We get to paint our nails, try crazy hairstyles and watch Frozen for the billionth time “just because we forgot the words”.

Another thing about having girls.

There was a time that I could dress them in whatever I wanted and they would wear it, look gorgeous and not a single complaint would emerge from their lips.  HOWEVER those times have drastically changed.  The only clothing that we can agree on is ballet clothes, because let’s face it, these are possible the most adorable clothes ever made for little girls, like ever.


When Nana offered to pay for their lessons and get them into ballet, you could not wipe the smile off their faces.  Seeing as Kyla’s been practicing since she was 2 the excitement was palpable.  They counted down the days, then the hours and almost every second till they got to go to their first class.

Although they may have attended their first 4 or 5 classes wearing their party dresses, and now an over sized hand me down leotard and the other a bathing costume, we have finally got them looking like little ballerinas.

I honestly don’t know whose more excited!


An extra (and unexpected) benefit of the girls doing their thing, is that Knox and I get to spend that time together.  We just stick around the school and he spends most of the time climbing on the jungle gym, but it’s still such fun to spend those moments together.  Long may it last!




2013 – On having a different form of therapy

2012 – Kyla taking pictures – I need to get her to do this again now that she can really hold it properly

5 thoughts on “On Being A “Boy Mom” Of Girls

  1. I have 2 littles, Amber turns 4 this month, and Zach turning 2 in January. I also pictured myself with a boy first, climbing trees etc. I find with Amber it’s awesome that there will always be a (hopefully) girly bond, and with the boys-well they just melt your heart with cuddles and naughty smiles! I LOVE the way that bigger sisters protect their brothers, and wouldn’t ever want to change the “order” I had them in!

  2. I am with you on this one – I always imagined myself as a boy mom too and now we have two precious girls. Maybe our third will be that little boy or maybe I will always be a girl mom… only time will tell. And now I LOVE being a girl mom too (and most of my friends can never imagine me being a boy mom now!) x

  3. I love being a mom of a boy. There is a special bond. I didn’t imagine it before, but now I know it is my life. Fascinated by dirt, balls and cars and I love watching how he investigates the world.

  4. I can so relate to this post. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I always heard that boys were close to their Mommies until they were about 7 and how true that has become. Dad has always been the hero but since Caleb started grade 1 and playing sport him and Dad have bonded in a BIGGER way. We still get our special time when it is homework, when he is hungry, feels sick or just wants a cuddle.

  5. Mine is the other way around, I always saw myself as a Girl mom so when a boy came around I quite literally asked…”what do boys do exactly” But it has been such an awesome ride learning things together 🙂

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