No Profound Thoughts Here

I took some photos at the park the other day.

When I took them I thought they turned out pretty well – I was excited to post them.  Last night I spent some time going through them and my optimism for them has dwindled slightly.  Nevertheless, I chose a few to pop into this post.

And then I sat.  For 15 minutes.  Staring at a blinking cursor and a keyboard that wasn’t clacking away as it should be.

So, to be completely original (not), I am going to let you into the inner workings of my brain – feel free to run in the other direction right about now…

Can I really just post photos for the sake of posting photos?  No! Are you crazy?!  It HAS to be linked to “something worthwhile” – no one wants to read about another visit to the park just because it has pretty pictures.  But what exactly?

Should I talk about skin cancer and how I keep forgetting to put sun block on my kids before we go to the park.  Maybe.  But that’s not fun to read and I don’t want to talk about sad things right now.  Plus I’d need to research stats or something.  I don’t liss.  Should I talk about how I hate going outside. No – did that, still hate it.  Should I turn it into an “8 reasons why we love the park” post?  Seriously?  I have to give people reasons to want to go to the park?

I couldn’t justify just posting pictures for the sake of posting pictures.

On my own blog…

Good golly.

So besides that rather lengthy but frivolous explanation, here’s some pictures of us enjoying the park.  Because that’s what I want to post.

(Bloggers out there, do you ever feel like this?  Or is it just me?  Feeling like I constantly have to put out “article” worthy posts on my own personal blog?)



The grass at our park is getting a little bit out of control.  BUT at about 5 in the afternoon, the way the sun strikes it, it turns into a magical wonderland.  I need to get out there and take pictures before they cut it!



We have about 10 different flowering weeds hiding out in the park too, each with their own colourful flowers.  There white ones are my favourite!IMG_7580


I am no longer needed to push the swing – she goes this high all on her own!IMG_7591

This is his “I’m pretending to be angry with you” face.  Possibly the cutest face ever right?  Those lips!IMG_7611

Colours and shadows.  Enough said.IMG_7621

One of my fondest memories of my visits to the park as a child – doing this exact thing.




2013 – On hating Mondays 

2012 – A gigantic belly full of Knox – although I vowed to never be pregnant again, these pictures make me broody!

2011 – Prayers of a two year old.

8 thoughts on “No Profound Thoughts Here

  1. I know how you feel. How many photo’s can I post about my kids baking before ppl unfollow?! So i have decided to say fuck it and just do it anyway. Its your/my personal space to do as I please.

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