You Will Never Catch Me…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post that doesn’t feel like an article – if you know what I mean.  Sometimes I focus so much on making sure that content is worth reading that I forget that, above all, I blog for me and that means I can indulge in a few little self-reflection type posts when I feel like it. Right?  Right.

I saw a couple of posts floating around the interwebs that basically sum up a bunch of things you will never catch me doing, (read Ellie Love’s post or Tea With Mrs Bee), so I thought I’d share….


You Will Never Catch Me…

…saying someones name out loud.

(Let’s just say that this one time I referred to a clients new girl friend by his recently deceased wife’s name and that’s a decision maker right there.)

...taking of my rings off for any occasion – except kneading dough or painting

…not having a cup of coffee before 10am and another before 1pm and another before bed

…at the gym.  Never.  Ever.

…not putting my kids into their car seats or not putting on my own seat belt on any car trip (no matter how short)


…drinking anything other than wine at a bar

…choosing to be outside rather than inside

…loving anyone else more than I love Seth, Kyla, Riya and Knox

…not panicking when I get a call from the kids school

…without a tin of Milo hiding out in the cupboard


…not coveting an exposed brick wall in my house (gorgeous stone optional)

…dancing in public – no one wants to see that train wreck

…committing to the decision that we really, won’t ever have any more children (I like to have “what if” as an unattainable option)

…remembering everything I need to get at a visit to the shops


…choosing “perfection” over rustic, worn beauty

…smoking or chilling outside with someone who is

…willingly phoning anyone except Seth (I hate talking on the phone!)

…willingly choosing to go camping and sleep on the floor.  Glamping is a thing for a reason!

…with black hair

…in the ocean deeper than my waist (nuh uh, I’ve seen Jaws)

…wearing sandals or crocs

…choosing to wake up early


…parallel parking or reverse parking.  I’d rather walk an extra for “easy” parking than try and make it work

…without my cell phone

…partying the night away

…choosing “lunch” food if I can still have breakfast

…not listening to music while I work

4 thoughts on “You Will Never Catch Me…

  1. Love this! I am actually battling with the same thing – I have a silly “catch up bullet point” post in my head but it doesn’t fit what a post “should” be so I am staring at a blank screen *sigh*

    I also only order wine and only 3 kinds – if they don’t have that then I generally don’t drink

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