7 Places I Never Thought I’d Change A Nappy

There was a time (just a few years ago) where I could direct you to the closest baby changing facility in any shopping mall in Cape Town.

I could also give you the baby friendly lowdown of all my local haunts, down to the amount of seconds it would take me to get my screaming baby to a cubicle to discreetly breastfeed them or change their stinky bums.  But as we’ve slowly grown out of that phase, so has our forethought for those kinds of things.

Knowing whether a venue has an adequate nappy changing facilities is something we have always just assumed.  Often to our detriment…


Here are 7 Places I Never Thought I’d Change A Nappy

(Although it must be said that Seth did some of these, cause he’s awesome like that.)

7. On a tiny bench in a tiny bathroom.

When I was on maternity leave with Knox, one of my favourite things to do was meet up for playdates with other Mommies on maternity leave.  They weren’t so much playdates as they were mornings of awesomeness!  Anyway, one of the restaurants of choice (because of their delicious food) failed slightly in the baby changing department.  I ended up changing him on a tiny little bench squeezed into the corner of the toilet.  Thankfully he was tiny, I wouldn’t be able to do that now if I tried!

6. The boot of the car

Don’t under estimate the value of an empty boot when you’re dying from the smell emanating from the toddlers nappy.  In a pinch this is our “go to” nappy changing station.  Lots of space, relatively private and leaves your car ever so slightly whiffy – a small price to pay for relative convenience.

5. The couch of a busy Woolworths restaurant

Sherbs.  We still cringe at how we casually stank out the restaurant while families were grabbing a bite to eat for dinner.  We couldn’t find any other place to change the foulest nappy of all time, so unfortunately the rest of the restaurant found out what having a teething toddler was really like.

4. On the drivers seat of the car

This was obviously before we realised the unlimited benefits of the boot and the back seats are inconveniently riddled with car seats.  Try keeping a screaming baby still (so as to avoid getting any poop on the seat), while trying to squeeze yourself around the steering wheel and stop the child from either falling out the car or inadvertently driving away when his head hits the accelerator.

3. On my own lap

Possibly one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.  I must stress that I am not very good at thinking things through in the heat of the moment.  Want a well thought out strategy for something happening in a month – I’m your girl.  Give me a screaming baby, with a stinky bum and no obvious alternative to change them on and you’ll find me trying to change them on my lap.

Pro Tip:  Babies don’t fit on the laps of short legged people.  You’re welcome.

2. Side of the high way 

Oh my goodness.  Our first born has just pooped in her nappy.  There is no possible way that she can sit in it for 10 more minutes.   We’d be had up for child abuse.  Instead let’s risk our lives and change her in the passenger seat while stopped on the side of a ridiculously busy highway.  Great idea.  Probably one of the best we’ve ever had.  Pat on the back for displaying our awesome parenting skills for the whole of Cape Town to see.

1. On the grass pavement on the side of the road

Did I mention that this happened on the first day that the girls attended school for the very first time?  Obviously it was one of those that required an entire outfit change and even some disaster management on the car seat itself.  Obviously.


Where’s the strangest place that you have ever had to change a nappy?



A new little thing that I am going to try is to look back over the years to the posts that happened on this very day in the preceding years.  Join me as we take a little walk down memory lane…

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11 thoughts on “7 Places I Never Thought I’d Change A Nappy

  1. Hahaha… yeah… I know the driver’s seat, I have also changed them half hanging out of their carseats. Elijah won’t be changed on those flip open changing tables in most malls (can you blame him) so I often had to change him on the FLOOR in the bathrooms… on a jersey or something. I have often wanted to in restaurants, but just can’t bring myself to, so well done you for going above and beyond!

  2. When my husband traded my little car in for a more family orientated sports wagon, I was not entirely convinced – until I realised how handy it is to change a toddler in a large boot: enough room for them, the bag, the mess and me!

  3. So far I have backseat of my dad’s car and the beach (sandiest bum ever!). Love the walk down memory lane, such a great idea!

  4. Haha.. Love this post! 🙂
    I’ve done nappy changes on my lap, in her pram, in Mugg & Bean (we had to be super sneaky & quick with this one), and probably lots of other less than comfortable places I just can’t remember now that she’s 5! 🙂

  5. I bet I know which restaurant you are talking about at #7 because I had to do that with Scarlett the other day too! And totally agree with you about boot of the car, perfect spot… in fact I choose it over many of the changing stations in malls and petrol stations …they are just so super gross man!! 😉

  6. bwahahaha! Where haven’t I changed a nappy! Now I actually am mid nappy change and stop and think ‘Oh crap, maybe I shouldn’t change my baby here at my table of Tasha’s’ (no poop nappies – those I do try and at least do outside :-p)

  7. Hahaha, must’ve been on the floor of a very fancy shmancy restaurant too! Bet they never expected any babies to visit their restaurant so they just never bothered to think that far. But thanks for the Boot tip! I will definitely use it in future.

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