Let’s Share Some Hope

The other morning I was frantically throwing cereal into bowls and spilling milk all over the counter (as it made it’s way into the microwave to be warmed up), while answering questions about missing shoes and jerseys that had gone into hiding – you know, the usual “we’re so late” morning routine.

It was all happening like every other morning and I asked them if they preferred to have the strawberry Nesquick or Milo sprinkled over their warm porridge.  It suddenly struck me how flipping privileged they are.

The very fact that I was there asking them which milk flavouring they wanted to add to their cereal, or hearing them complain about how they don’t want me to mix it, or ignoring their little tantrum about having to eat Coco Pops when we run out of cereal made me so aware of the options that we have available to us.

That they get to choose what they want to eat for breakfast in the morning.  

That they even get to eat breakfast in the morning at all.

This is a global problem – according to The Mirror, 1 in 7 kids in the UK go to school without breakfast in the morning*.  In South Africa these numbers are ONE in FIVE children that make their way to school with their little tummies rumbling, expected to still learn and grow!  How can we expect South Africa to produce well educated children through the education system when their bodies and minds are unable to process the information, due to poor nutrition and the distraction of an aching belly?!

I know I can’t get my kids to do anything when they’re hungry, never mind trying to get them to sit still and take in new information.  Statistics like this hit home for me in a big way.

So when I was contacted to help bring those numbers down, I was really keen to do what I can through the Share Hope campaign.  And you can too.

This is where you can SHARE HOPE.

All you have to do is share hope with your friends and family through the app on the ShareHope website or buy a Tony Ferguson Weightloss product and, for each one purchased, a meal will go to a hungry child.

Basically Tony Ferguson Weightloss and Dis-Chem have joined forces to make childrens mornings brighter and help them along the way to being able to learn and in so doing, develop a more promising future.

Now I know what you are thinking, not everyone uses Tony Ferguson to manage their weight.  But that’s what’s cool about the share option – other people do!  So while you may not necessarily purchase the product yourself, you are still playing a role in helping those little tummies get filled.


So here’s what you have to do to get involved and it’s simplified to one easy step:

Go onto the ShareHope website HERE and use the Share app OR buy a Tony Ferguson products.  Easy peasy.

But also,(because apparently we all need a little bit more motivation than just doing the right thing), by entering you will stand a chance of winning 1 of 4 R2000 Dis-Chem Vouchers!

The campaign runs from 1 September to end November.

* (I don’t know if these numbers have changed since the article was posted in 2013)

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