Our Top 8 Looks For Spring (For Boys And Girls) – Sticky Fudge Spring Collection 2014

Is it normal to me more obsessed about your kids clothing than your own?

I’m going to go with a yes to answer that question because I just can’t help myself.

On that note, let’s quickly talk about kids clothes that I have bought recently.  A couple of months ago I bought tights from a very well know brand that’s new to SA.  The girls weren’t with me when I bought them, so didn’t try them on (not that I ever get them to try stuff on – I just kind of measure it on them).  From the beginning I noticed that despite looking cool in terms of patterns, I could literally see their under garments right through them – they were so thin!  They have only been wearing them a couple of months and already there are holes in both knees and I have to chuck them.

Disappointed is an understatement.  I HATE wasting money.

Now let’s turn our attention to Sticky Fudge for a moment.  My girls are still wearing their cardigans and dresses that we bought 2 whole years ago.  Not so much as a button loose.  I’m still an advocate of “you get what you pay for“, for everything from clothing to tattoos.

Anyway, every season I wonder when Sticky Fudge will start making adult clothing or whether I should just try and fit into a size 7 (years old).  For the record, that opportunity passed like 15 years ago.  Anyway, I will still live in hope for now.

As promised, here are our Top 8 Looks for Boys and Girls this Spring.  I’m sure you can see why these made it onto our “must have” list!


I can’t tell you how much I want to dress my girls like this every day.  I love how the neutral colours work with everything we already have in their wardrobe and how it highlights my girls natural colouring.  Plus the playful patterns keep it fun and pretty, which means they are as excited to wear it as I am!  Which is a super “win win” in my books!

SS14-102 SS14-86 SS14-74 SS14-63






















Thankfully Knox is still of the age where I can dress him in whatever I want to and he doesn’t argue (except about shoes).  I can just see him running around causing mischief and looking so flipping gorgeous while doing it.  These looks are so perfectly him, especially the “No Way” top on the bottom right, it’s his motto.






SS14-5 SS14-8 SS14-15





















If you wanted to get any of these looks (or a vast array of other gorgeous things) make sure to check out the Sticky Fudge site as the Spring collection is available online TODAY!

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