Birthday Wish List

I mentioned before that I am all about subtlety – which is why I am subtly leaving this wishlist out on the internet for the World to see.  As one does.

On the 25th of September it’s time to celebrate 28 years of living, but not only that, I get to share my birthday with Knox who is turning 2.  I can’t wait to share another birthday with him – the ultimate present.

And while Knox is probably the best birthday present I could ever receive, awesome people in our lives also like spoiling us on our birthdays.  (You guys are the bestest!)  So in an effort to make the process a bit easier I thought I’d make a little wish list.  I always think that I am buying awesome, well-thought-out presents for people, but how much easier would it be to have a list of things they want and work from there?

Here are 5 things that are currently floating around at the top of my “must have list”:



1. Washitape!

I stole the image from here where there 25 things that you can do with washi tape…  Do I even need to motivate why this is on my hit list?  Also, Washibug has an amazing variety of patterns and designs.





2. Typo.

Now, while I don’t love everything in Typo, I could easily take the 75% of the things that aren’t skulls or pens and happily insert them into my home.  I love the little knick knacks like these little cards in their cute little box (picture credit), so nice to whip out and leave in presents, jot down details or to say thank you.

I always have this strong urge to be crafty and the stamps, bunting, party goodies and funny “post its” have my name all over it.








3. Antique Fusion.

I have been wearing the same jewellery for longer than I can remember.  The silver version of these stacking rings makes me drool (the birds, hearts and plain silver bands).

Medi rings and tiny little pendents no bigger than my finger nail are swoon worthy.

(Photo credit Antique Fusion FB page)


4. Clothes.

Don’t we all always need new clothes?  I feel like since I lost a bit of weight and haven’t purchased anything new in a good couple of years, everything fits badly or is so worn that it’s borderline embarrassing seeing clients in it.  As much as I love Woolies, I like to have a bit more of a selection which is what Canal Walk provides with their gift cards.  Perfect day right there.

5. Home Decor.

As you can see by my Pinterest boards, home decor is something that I regularly peruse.  I have so many visions for my house that don’t always get to actually doing.  One of these visions requires a whole tonne of wooden pallets or old wooden furniture (chairs/side tables) that are broken or no longer used.  So I’ll happily take those off your hands 😉  Another one is the time to finish painting the house ha ha

Clearly these are all very “things” focused and not “experience/time” focused.  I would love a meal or time out with friends/family more than any of those things hands down.

It was so much harder drawing up this list than I thought.  Clearly I don’t want as much as I thought I did.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. Go, so firstly (in case I forget down the line, although highly unlikely since my birthday is on the 27th Sep)… HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

    Secondly, since I am leaving SA in November I believe that I have at least 8 or so washi tape rolls that I am not taking with me… would you like them? One or two have been used a little bit but they are awesome and I would love for them to go to a good home 🙂 If you are keen, please just pop me a mail with your delivery addy 😀

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