Getting My Head Around It All

Finding the right words to convey my thoughts today is proving a lot more difficult than I thought it would.

Basically, the last few weeks have been kind of amazing.

I never thought that any of the hard work (that gets put into posting new content on this blog everyday) would give us any of the opportunities that we have had in the last few months.  But we have been really blessed and I am so very grateful for it.  Our little record of “life things” has opened up so many new opportunities and experiences that I never even dreamed of doing.

Imagine my shock when my Father In Law called us to tell us that we were in the newspaper.

It might have been a tiny story, on the second last page of the Lifestyle section of the thick lump of information that is the Sunday Times, BUT you guys, there was a picture of us in the newspaper.  It was a little feature on the Love Milo launch that we attended a couple of weeks back and if you look carefully over on the Lovilee Blog you just might see us there too.



I also did a little article in the Spar Savour for “themed” days that you can spend with your kids and Lisa took the most beautiful pictures of the kids.  Knox in those bunny ears just made my day. (Click on the picture if you want to go through and read them)

Spar August - Article

It’s all kinds of surreal.

But do you know who doesn’t care one little bit about any of that?  My kids, that’s who.

Just when you get caught up in the hype and feel like floating away for just a second, you get called to wipe a bum.  Because that’s what real life is about – for now at least.






6 thoughts on “Getting My Head Around It All

  1. Love the ideas with the kids, so basic that I am sure a lot of people do not think of it….I used to play Hide and Seek with my kids in our apartment and they loved it…the idea with the flashlights is a good one..Congrats on the “Fame” part…enjoy the ride!

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